ACF Sends Letter to AG Jeff Sessions Requesting Investigation into GOP Leader Chad Mayes Affair

This week we broke the news story about how California GOP Assembly Leader Chad Mayes was having an affair with former GOP Assembly Leader Kristin Olsen. We came into possession of a letter sent by Olsen's estranged husband to Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon's office requesting an investigation to see if state funds or resources were used by the paramours to carry out their trysts.

We have been asking several questions about this affair. But most importantly, was there a quid pro quo arrangement of any kind between Speaker Rendon's office and either Chad Mayes or Kristin Olsen.


Yesterday, we sent a letter to United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions requesting a federal investigation into the matter. You can read the text the below or view the attachment.

The key point we want to focus in on is the sudden reversal of political rhetoric and telegraphing of a potential sell-out vote by Mayes on the cap and trade bill.

Mr. Olsen sent his letter to Speaker Anthony Rendon's office on April 24, 2017. Subsequent newspaper reports state that Mr. Olsen pulled the letter within two hours of sending it.

On April 27, the Los Angeles Times goes up with a story about how Chad Mayes wants to work with Rendon and the Democrats on cap and trade bills after staunchly opposing and voting against these bills as recently as last year.


The letter reads:

July 19, 2017

The Honorable Jeff Sessions
Attorney General of the United States
950 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, D.C. 20530-0001

RE: GOP Assemblyman Chad Mayes affair/possible quid pro quo deal for votes on AB 398 “cap and trade” bill

Dear Mr. Attorney General:

We are writing to request an investigation by your office into events surrounding the passage of AB 398 which extended California’s “cap and trade” program.

We believe that Speaker Anthony Rendon and/or his staff may have coerced Chad Mayes and/or Kristen Olsen, the current and former leaders of the GOP Assembly Caucus, to switch support and lobby colleagues to support AB 398 so as to prevent their affair from becoming public or investigated by the Assembly Ethics Committee.

Mrs. Olsen’s estranged husband, Rod, sent a letter to the office of Speaker Anthony Rendon requesting an investigation into the affair and whether or not state funds or resources were used to carry out or conceal the affair. The affair began when Mrs. Olsen was the leader of the caucus and her and Mayes toured the state and country for many months supposedly under official state and party business. The letter was dated April 24, 2017 and its authenticity has been confirmed by the Sacramento Bee and other publications.

Prior to this letter, Mayes had been a staunch opponent to “cap and trade” legislation. Last year he voted against a bill that would have imposed tougher target restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. Moreover, he represents one of the most conservative districts in the state and has repeatedly ran on his conservative record.

In a sudden and abrupt departure from past positions and rhetoric, Mr. Mayes suggested a willingness to compromise on “cap and trade” legislation in an LA Times article dated April 27, 2017 – just days after the letter was sent.

It should be noted that Juan Torres, Rendon’s Deputy Chief of Staff, has a close relationship with Mrs. Olsen dating back to the late 90’s when they both served in the California State Senate Associate Program while enrolled in college.

In a post on Mayes’ Facebook page dated July 13, Mr. Mayes stated the following:

“There are no Assembly Republican votes for the Cap and Trade deal in its current form. We will not support a deal that doesn’t cut taxes, roll back regulations and protect ordinary Californians.”

Four days later he caved and voted to raise taxes on ordinary Californians.

It should also be noted that Mayes and/or Olsen were able to flip several Republican members to vote in support of AB 398. This was a political coup for the Democrats because it gave vulnerable Democrats in swing districts the opportunity to abstain or vote against the bill so that it could not be used against them in 2018.

Given the abrupt change in Mayes political rhetoric and position on “cap and trade” immediately following the submission of this embarrassing and damaging letter to Speaker Rendon, the significant impact of this bill on working Californians, and the political benefits gained by the Democrat Party, we believe there is serious cause for concern that warrants federal investigation.

Should your office desire to follow up with us on this matter, we can be reached via phone at: (424) 269-4564 or email at: info|@ americanchildrenfirst |.|org.


Joseph Turner
Executive Director
American Children First

Enclosure: Letter from Rod Olsen to Speaker Anthony Rendon

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