Adultery and Hypocrisy: The Faux Outrage of Republican Women Legislators in California

Let’s talk about adultery within the California Republican Party (CRP) and faux outrage by Republican women.

Specifically, we are going to discuss:

  • Assemblywoman Catharine Baker
  • Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez
  • Kristin Olsen, Vice-Chairwoman of CRP
  • Sue Caro, Regional Vice-Chairwoman of the CRP
  • Cynthia Bryant, Executive Director for the CRP



    But first, a quick question.

    If you had to rank three examples of bad behavior from the list below, which would you find the most offensive and worthy of condemnation?

    • Cheating on your husband and putting your kids through divorce
    • Serial child rape involving a middle aged man and underage boys
    • Making crude jokes about "pounding pussies" on a personal Facebook page

    Remember that answer because we are going to come back to this question.


    Assemblyman Chad Mayes, R-Yucca Valley talks with reporters after being elected to replace Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen, R-Riverbank, as the new Assembly Minority Leader, Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2015, in Sacramento,Calif. Olsen will remain as the Assembly GOP leader through the remainder of the year with Mayes, who is in his first term in the Legislature, taking over when lawmakers return to the Capitol Jan. 4, 2016. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

    In July we broke the story that Assemblyman Chad Mayes and Kristin Olsen, the Vice-Chairwoman of the California Republican Party (CRP) were having an affair that resulted in both couples landing in divorce court. Thankfully, Mayes and his wife did not have children. Unfortunately, Olsen has children.

    Both Mayes and Olsen grew up as the children of pastors, touted their faith and Christian values in campaign literature, and even led bible studies in the legislature while singing in worship services. They have effectively morphed into CRINOs, Christian Republicans in Name Only.

    Remember, the family is supposedly very important to the CRP. So much so that the CRP discusses the family in its platform. It reads:


    The California Republican Party affirms the family as the natural and indispensable institution for human development.

    A strong and healthy family unit is the heart of the home—a safe surrounding where family decisions are made, children are raised, and morality is taught. The family is a foundation on which American society has grown and prospered for over 200 years. We support the two parent family as the best environment for raising children, and therefore believe that it is important to define marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

    Now, when two families are broken up because two top leaders in the Republican Party decide to have an affair it would seem to me that that is a contravention of the party platform and that there should be some strong rebuke of such behavior by colleagues and other leaders, no?

    If we are truly being honest, we would all agree that the individuals involved would recognized that they screwed up, exhibit some personal responsibility, and do the gracious thing and resign leadership positions in shame. Promptly!


    So, let’s get back to the question above. What is worse: raping a child, telling a crude joke, or cheating on your spouse?

    Well, if you are a Republican woman elected to the serve in the California legislature or serve as a leader in the California Republican Party it goes something like this:

    1. Making a crude joke about "pounding pussies"

    Wait! I know what you may be thinking.

    “Um…this Turner idiot needs to hire an editor for his blog posts because he forgot to include serial child rape and then the cheating on the spouse before the crude joke.”

    Negative, Ghost Rider. The other two were left off the list because of the three items listed, apparently only one of them got these ladies' panties in a bunch.

    To my knowledge and based on my review of social media posting, not one of the aforementioned Republican women condemned the affair or criticized either individual on their conduct. If you have evidence to the contrary, please let me know.


    Now, let’s discuss the child rape.

    Back in May, the Assembly Republican Caucus sent out a tweet calling serial child rapist Harvey Milk a “hero.” Milk has been lionized by the homosexual community because he was the first openly gay person to get elected to office in California. It just so happens that he was a sexual predator that preyed on underage at-risk youth – plying them with alcohol, drugs, food and shelter in exchange for sex.

    To my knowledge and based on my review of social media posting, not one of the aforementioned Republican women condemned this tweet praising a child rapist. If you have evidence to the contrary, please let me know.

    In fact, it gets worse. Assemblywoman Catharine Baker and Vice-Chairwoman Sue Caro actually “liked” the tweet. Let that sink in.

    Assemblywoman Catharine Baker thinks child rapist Harvey Milk is a hero.

    CRP Regional Vice-Chairwoman Sue Caro praises Harvey Milk the serial child rapist.

    In contrast, the crude joke was met with a chorus of righteous indignation and contempt by these women.

    During the final days of our campaign to oust Chad Mayes from his position as leader of the Assembly Republican Caucus, which we were ultimately successful, I made a crude joke on my personal Facebook page.

    We had organized a campaign on Facebook to ask our activist volunteers to “pound the phones” of Republicans we had identified as undecided when it came to removing Mayes. An activist had PM’ed me and asked if I thought the caucus would actually remove Mayes. He then went on say that he wasn’t sure because he felt that the “caucus was full of pussies.”

    I jokingly replied: “Pussies were made for pounding.”

    I don't run and hide from what I do nor do I post anonymously like most of the cowards in the GOP claiming to be political operatives. I am fully accountable for my actions. Here is the screenshot below:

    Oh man…the world came to an end. A heterosexual male uttered a crude double entendre that suggested Republicans were weak and unwilling to stand for their principles. Unforgiveable!

    Remember, up to this point it had been an unceasing barrage of attacks by us against Mayes.

    That morning we had broadened our attacks to some of the squishy RINO staff like Mike Zimmerman and Joe Justin, the caucus political director and Mayes’ chief of staff, respectively. They panicked and lashed out. And other Sacramento staffers and operatives like David Creager (Assemblyman Dante Acosta’s chief of staff) and Mike Madrid (political consultant) tried to white knight it up for their fellow cuckservatives.

    These political “geniuses” with “born to lose” tattoos on their forehead thought they had seized on my comments as way to flip the narrative and turn the tide. So they went to their social media perches and started bashing me over my comments.

    Creager soon realized his mistake and turned his Twitter account private. It still is. But before that, he took a shot at me. And Assemblywoman Catharine Baker affirmed his criticisms by referring to me as “total trash.

    That’s right. The same woman who calls me “total trash” because of a joke believes a child rapist is a hero and is quiet as a church mouse when it comes to an affair involving two married colleagues. Let that sink in.

    Impotent Mike Madrid went on a Twitter rampage desperately trying to get some earned media attacking me. That failed abysmally.

    But Sue Caro, a regional Vice-Chair for the CRP, retweeted all of his attacks against me. And she brilliantly added: “All the work Republican women put into our party - they don't deserve to hear this foul mouthed crap.”

    Because, apparently, all Republican women read my personal Facebook page. Good one, Sue.

    But Republican women deserve to be cheated on and little boys deserve to get sodomized though, right Sue? Keep it classy.

    Cynthia Bryant is the executive director for the California Republican Party. In response to my post, she tweeted out: “I personally condemn it. Vial [sic] and disgusting. Unfortunately it his giving him clicks on his website and 15 minutes of "fame."”

    What is vile, besides her spelling, is her failure to condemn adulterers and those who praise a child rapist. But good to know that she has her priorities straight.

    Then we have the disavowal by Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez. I was the first person in the entire state to endorse her to replace Mayes as the new leader, but the Republican Party is a “use ‘em and lose ‘em” party. Madrid may not have succeeded in getting an article in the paper, but he did succeed in getting a Sacramento Bee reporter to ask various Republicans if they disavowed my comments.

    A spooked Melendez responded: “Disgusting & ignorant comments like his are neither appreciated nor condoned. The GOP has many strong leaders, this guy isn't one of them MM”

    Can I get a “rolleyes” emoji?

    Melendez is former military and several people have told me she cusses like a sailor. Oddly, she never articulated any disgust that her own caucus Twitter account was praising a child rapist nor did she ever call out the adultery of Mayes and Olsen.

    Crude jokes are disgusting. Adultery and child rape. Not so much.



    On Sunday, Olsen resigned her position as vice-chairwoman. She runs to the papers and tells them that as a “single mom” she must resign to devote her energy to her kids and professional career. This woman is an outright liar and a fraud. She is a married woman. You don’t just get to make things up and self-identify your marital status because it is politically expedient and helps with your optics.

    And you sure as hell don’t get to paint the “woe is me” narrative that you have been abandoned and left to fend for yourself all on your lonesome as you tend to your kids.

    ​Not after your husband spent the last several years raising your children and taking care of them while you were an absentee mother on the road 150 days a year and in another man's bed for God knows how many nights. Give me a break.

    With our courageous Republican women leaders in California we can count on them to reject and disavow the crude jokes of a private citizen. But California Republican Party (CRP) Vice-Chair Kristin Olsen can cheat on her hubby, break up her family, lie about being a single mom and completely shit on her husband who raised the kids while she pursued her career and they are all silent.

    Gotta love the faux outrage of female leaders in the California Republican Party. Do you all have a newsletter I can sign up for?

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