Republican Candidate Brags About Hiring Thousands of Illegal Aliens

UPDATE: The original video of Andy Waters admitting to hiring thousands of illegal aliens was originally uploaded by a member of the Facebook group: "Simi Valley Community Forum Simi Strong No Rules"

A Republican candidate running for local office in Ventura County, California has been captured on video bragging about the fact that he has hired thousands of illegal aliens to work his farms.

Moorpark farmer Andy Waters is seeking to become the Fourth District Supervisor which also encompasses Simi Valley and surrounding unincorporated areas.

The jaw-dropping admission occurred when he spoke at an April 20 dinner hosted by Simi Valley/Moorpark Republican Women Federated club.

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LAUSD Teacher Calls Cops Pigs & Soldiers Terrorists on Social Media

Another Southern California high school teacher has been caught denigrating the men and women who serve our nation in uniform.

American Children First has uncovered social media posts by a rabidly anti-American high school teacher in Los Angeles who regularly refers to police officers as pigs and our military as a terrorist organization. On top of that he seems to advocate violence against police officers.

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