Make Them Hate You…

I believe the greatest compliment I can ever earn or receive as a proud American nationalist is the utter scorn, contempt, and hatred of my opposition.

And I don’t mean anonymous hatred as in some faceless entity on an internet message board or "the idea of you" embodied as some random person on Facebook getting into arguments with other people you don’t really know.

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Politician Who Supported Syrian Refugees Fined by Authorities for Perjury

San Bernardino County Supervisor “Baghdad” Bob Lovingood will be fined $6,000 by the California State Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) next week.

Lovingood is the board chairman representing the sprawling first district, which includes the communities of Apple Valley, Hesperia, and Victorville.

A few weeks before the November election, his opponent, Angela Valles, discovered that the federal government was placing unvetted Syrian refugees in the City of Victorville without notifying the residents. This is a clear violation of federal law.

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We Are Officially Open for Business…

My name is Joseph Turner and I am the founder of American Children First. Today, I am excited to announce that ACF is officially open for business.

We seek to proudly and unabashedly advance an American nationalist agenda that puts the lives and future of our children first. This will be accomplished through the use and implementation of unique and innovative strategies and tactics.

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Washington Post “Journalist” Chris Cillizza is a Hack

In today's dust-up regarding the media manufactured smear campaign of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his contacts with the Russian ambassador, liberal hack journalist Chris  Cillizza chimes in with more brilliant analysis with this magnificent contribution:

​"You can tell how much trouble a Washington politician is in by how forcefully his (or her) allies push back in the immediate aftermath of a bombshell negative story. By that measure, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is in big, big trouble."

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Did Jeff Sessions Really Lie About His Contacts with Russia?

No doubt, some immigration hardliners may have felt a bit of anxiety when they first read or heard about the Washington Post hit piece on Attorney General Jeff Sessions last night. But, they should feel anger and a bit of relief as it just demonstrates the flailing and failing last gasps of the lying media.

In fact, the Washington Post has run a series of hit pieces today with headlines like the following:

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A Day Without Immigrants: How the Left Co-Opts Language and Generalizes to Advance Their Agenda

One of the most powerful things nationalists can do to combat the marauding horde of leftists seeking to promulgate anarchy and destruction of our nation-state is to beat back against the co-option of our English language to make it mean whatever they want it to mean to suit their agenda.

By now, the rest of the country is figuring out what California immigration hardliners have known for more than a decade -- that the left is comprised of whiny little children who throw irrational temper tantrums whenever they don't get their way. They are incapable of rational thought.

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Part 2: Immigration Déjà Vu: The Rise of the Minuteman Project & Grassroots Activism in California

​This is Part 2 of the "Immigration Déjà Vu" Series looking at the events that transpired following the November 2004 election. Here is the link to Part 1.

Following the 2004 election results, Californian activists joined several groups with the California Coalition for Immigration Reform (CCIR), The Minuteman Project and its myriad of independent and affiliated splinter groups, and Save Our State (SOS) being the largest and most active organizations.

Whereas the Minuteman Project focused its energies on border enforcement and would become a huge international sensation in 2005, groups like the California Coalition for Immigration Reform (CCIR) and Save Our State (SOS) ratcheted up their grassroots activism in the interior.

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Part 1: Immigration Déjà Vu: Recent Raids & Deportations Merit Retrospective Look at Nationalist Activism in California

This will be a two-part retrospective look at the history of anti-illegal immigration activism in California. Please note that this is not an exhaustive and detailed examination but a short primer. ​

Recent reports of illegal immigration raids and deportation hearings reminded me of events that transpired more than a decade ago.

Up until 2004, the immigration issue had basically dropped from the radar.

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