A Foreshadowing Flashback: Married Legislator Rented Spare Bedroom in Sacramento Home to Female Staffer

Another little birdie chirped to us some juicy information regarding Senator Sex Predator Tony Mendoza. We are still digging in and seeing what kind of meat is on that bone.

During the course of our investigation of this lead we stumbled upon a 2012 article in the Los Angeles Times which caught our attention.​ The article detailed how the real estate downturn hurt legislators who had bought homes in Sacramento and were now unable to afford the mortgages.

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Coffee is for Closers! GOP Legislator hiding from sexual assault allegations?

Assemblyman Devon Mathis (R-Visalia) is reeling from the mounting scandals and bad publicity that has engulfed his district.

Ever since American Children First broke the story about sexual assault allegations involving Mathis back in October, there has been a steady drip of negative stories and reports.

Now he has abruptly cancelled a "Community Coffee with Devon Mathis" event that was scheduled for tomorrow morning.

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Is Assemblyman Devon Mathis Defrauding the VA on Caregiver Benefits?

Throughout our investigation into sexual assault and child abuse allegations involving Assemblyman Devon Mathis (R-Visalia) we have repeatedly stumbled upon reports that his wife, Aubrey, was receiving some sort of monthly benefit to serve as his caregiver.

It made us ponder the question: can someone really be a "caregiver" to another person when that individual lives more than 200 miles away for more than half the year?​

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Did California Republican Leaders Put a Muzzle on “Cheating” Chad Mayes?

For nearly a month disgraced Assemblyman Chad Mayes has been silent on his Twitter account. The last time he posted was October 20, the same day the California Republican Party held its convention in Anaheim.

This is the same day that Steve Bannon, the former chief strategist for President Donald Trump, was the keynote speaker to a sell-out crowd of passionate "America First" loving California Republicans.

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Tulare County Hiding Child Abuse Records, Protecting Assemblyman Devon Mathis

In response to the disastrous "cap and trade" vote back in July, American Children First has sought to punish the Republican "cap and traitors" that sold us out and voted for the largest gas tax in American history.

One such target is Assemblyman Devon Mathis (R-Visalia). Last month, we sent a letter to the Sacramento County District Attorney's Office requesting an investigation into allegations that Mathis had sexually assaulted one of his staffers while she was unconscious.

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