BOMBSHELL: “Animal Rights” Legislator Admits to Endangering Own Children in Ugly Divorce Documents

A California state legislator known for championing legislation that protects animals and for regularly sponsoring animal rescue events in his district is coming under fire today after it was discovered that he admitted to endangering the lives of his children in court documents.

An investigation by American Children First revealed that although Assemblyman Marc Steinorth (R-Rancho Cucamonga) feared for the safety of his children he knowingly left them in the care of a woman he believed to be mentally ill, suicidal, and had previously abused them physically.


The woman in question, Maria, is Steinorth’s estranged wife of twenty years.

Joseph TurnerExecutive Director, American Children First

Assemblyman Marc Steinorth betrayed the people of California when he violated his promise and voted for the "cap and trade" bill that will raise the price of gas by 71 cents per gallon. Votes have consequences and we intend to make him pay. 

Grab some popcorn and follow along with us over at "The Marc Steinorth Files." I guarantee you are going to enjoy the happy ending.

Marc Steinorth petitioned the San Bernardino County Superior Court for divorce in February of 2017. He viciously attacks Mrs. Steinorth throughout a seven page declaration filed on June 8th in what has become a bitter "War of the Roses" divorce battle. You can view the document at the end of this blog post.

He states that his wife “has a long history of physical, psychological and abuse to both me and the children” and that he is concerned about their “well-being and possibly their safety.” In several instances he refers to past physical abuse perpetrated by his wife upon him and his children as well an alleged penchant for threatening to physically harm others.

On September 26th, American Children First broke the news that Mrs. Steinorth called 9-1-1 to report a domestic disturbance between her and her husband at their residence on April 15. Our sources had told us that a heated argument over an alleged affair with one of his staffers prompted the emergency response.

Assemblyman Marc Steinorth takes a selfie with his chief of staff, Heather Rouhana

The legislator further states that “for many years, the children and I have endured” her abuse and that he is afraid his suicidal wife will go off the “deep end and will hurt herself, the children, or me.”

After making numerous references to his concern for the safety of his children, the history of abuse, and repeated claims that his wife is mentally ill and suffers from ideations of suicide, Assemblyman Steinorth concludes his declaration with the following:

“I am terrified for my safety and the safety of the children. [Maria] needs to get treatment for her mental illness and the aggressive, angry and violent ways that she deals with things. I need to protect the children. I request that this court grant a domestic violence restraining order and that she only have access to the children in a supervised or therapeutic context.”

Steinorth signed the declaration under penalty of perjury attesting to the fact that these are "true and correct statements." 

Unpacking the Lies of Mendacious Marc Steinorth

American Children First examined the publicly available court records in an attempt to verify any of these claims levied by the elected official. We were unable to locate any arrests or criminal charges levied against Mrs. Steinorth, let alone for any acts of domestic violence or abuse. Moreover, we were unable to locate any filings for restraining orders against her by the terrified legislator.

So, it begs the question. Can we really trust these vicious smears and nauseating attacks against his wife of twenty years?

One might argue that many couples have serious domestic issues, even episodic instances of violence, that never get reported to authorities or involve restraining orders. This is undoubtedly true.

However, if one is to take these extremely serious allegations as truthful statements, what does that say about the priorities of the Republican legislator?

​One is left with only one conclusion -- Steinorth knowingly and of his own free will endangered the lives of his children by his own admission. Why?

In several instances Steinorth states that this abuse against his children, her suicidal ideations and threats, and his concern for the safety of his children has been a concern for a lengthy period of time – even predating his petition for divorce which was filed four months earlier. He claims to be terrified and extremely concerned.

Since 2014, Steinorth has spent literally 4 to 7 days a week in Sacramento serving as an elected official. And even if he is not in Sacramento, he must attend morning, evening and weekend events and functions while in his district office.

Clearly, if his statements are true, he was more concerned with pursuing his political career than ensuring the well-being and safety of his children. In fact, even after he makes this accusations in his declaration and states that he is requesting a domestic violence restraining order there is no apparent record of such a request on file.

In an effort to go nuclear on his estranged wife and paint her in the most negative light possible, Steinorth ultimately destroys his own credibility in the process.​

Why Does Steinorth Care More About Animals Than His Own Children?

We used to follow Assemblyman Marc Steinorth on Twitter until he blocked us for exposing the domestic disturbance 9-1-1 call and reported on the allegations of an affair between him and his staffer, Heather Rouhana.

So, you are going to have to either take our word for it or check out his Twitter account for yourself. Steinorth is passionate about protecting and rescuing animals. He routinely sponsors adoption events.

He is also a proponent of legislation that is designed to protect and save animals from harm. One of his most prized accomplishments was sponsoring AB 797, “The Right to Rescue Act.” Signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown, the bill grants immunity to Good Samaritans who break windows to save pets left in hot vehicles.

Steinorth took the “hot car challenge” with Kristin Olsen and Ling Ling Chang, two former colleagues, to help bring attention to the bill.

American Children First also exposed the affair between Olsen and Assemblyman Chad Mayes. Our revelations and subsequent coordination of grassroots activist efforts would ultimately lead to the ouster of Mayes from his leadership position and Olsen’s resignation from the executive board of the California Republican Party.

While we consider efforts to save animals and pets from harm or abuse a worthy cause and commend Steinorth for this effort, we are left to ponder why the legislator doesn't devote his energy to protecting his endangered children first.

This blog post will be just one in a series of posts in a project we are calling "The Marc Steinorth Files." 

You can read the full declaration authored by Assemblyman Marc Steinorth and filed with the San Bernardino County Superior Court by clicking this link or on the image below.

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