CAGOP Assemblyman Marc Steinorth’s Chief of Staff Arrested for DUI

Before we get into this blog post. I have a special message for the staff members of state legislators.


"Transference of Pain"

​American Children First is going to continue to "transfer the pain" back onto the "cap and traitors," their enablers, and other RINOs in leadership in and out of the legislature. The recent anti-Steve Bannon temper-tantrum by former leader of the Republican Assembly, Chad Mayes, has only strengthened my resolve.

This RINO sellout continues to have a place in the GOP leadership thanks to compromises made by Assemblyman Brian Dahle. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!

I have no Earthly idea why party leadership continues to stand by a narcissistic, arrogant moderate who betrayed his vows to his wife and the promises he made to his voters. ​Leaving him in a leadership capacity is an insult and we will continue to bludgeon the state party until it learns.

This is why we are in the "transference of pain" business. 

Staffers are Fair Game

If you are a staffer, do not allow yourself to be used. Do not allow yourself to be a pawn in this game.

Many of you are young and naive -- and feel some sense of loyalty towards the member you work for. So you get invested emotionally in the attacks on your boss.  You may lash out or attempt to seek some sort of revenge on their behalf to right a wrong because you believe the person you work for is such a "great guy."

 It is not worth it. Just keep your head down, do your job, and do not attract attention.

From my perspective, and specifically focused on the GOP caucus, you must understand that you are all part of one massive herd of RINOs. And there must be a culling of that herd.

Assemblyman Marc Steinorth's staffers and operatives opted to engage me in my quest to hunt down their RINO boss. There is no doubt Steinorth pressured his chief of staff, Heather Rouhana, to threaten me with a defamation of character lawsuit because I reported on the rumors that they were having an affair. I am convinced that Steinorth was hoping that such a threat would intimidate me into silence and backing off of him.

But the herd must be culled.

Then you have his staffers or caucus operatives using anonymous Twitter accounts to troll me, antagonize, and actually defame me. One suggested that I was a pedophile with a criminal record and a drug addiction.

You wanna play games? Okay!​

Let's play games then. Lawsuits and Twitter trolls just inspire me to come back and hit harder.


Now would probably be a good time to insert a disclaimer about the above video for all the pathetic cucks working in Sacramento politics who think they are political operatives because they are two years removed from college and have a "campaign" under their belt.

In the past, snowflakes have been triggered by my use of curse words and impotently attempted to twist them into anti-women or misogynistic talking points to protect their fiefdom. Yes, in a world where lobbyists and elected officials sexually harass and grope staff on a routine basis and they say nothing -- they went to the press and social media to attack me and try to staunch the bleeding over a crude joke.

The Scarface video above is not a threat to do actual violence. We all know this -- but I know that some of you "political operatives" will mull that around. Especially, because I know how quickly those of you on the GOP side attempt to use leftist tactics against conservative activists.

So fraudulent. So impotent. So pathetic.

Immunity Will Be Granted

As I have articulated previously, staffers are fair game. If you are a staff member reading this and you want immunity from the pain and carnage then you need to contact me and feed me information. If you feed me information I will protect you.

I protect my sources and I am loyal to them -- which is more than I can say for the disloyal sellouts in the California Republican Party who have no problem abandoning our wounded on the battlefield in the name of being politically correct and virtue signaling like cowards.

Now, back to the ongoing campaign against Assemblyman Marc Steinorth.​

DUI...Oh My!

American Children First has discovered that his chief of staff was arrested on a DUI charge in January 2013. Some of the court documents can be viewed at the end of the post.

Heather Rouhana posing with Assemblyman Marc Steinorth and his son.

The documents indicate that Heather Rouhana, 29, was pulled over on New Year’s Day and subsequently registered a blood alcohol concentration level of .15, nearly double the legal limit of .08.

She accepted a plea deal whereby she agreed to pay nearly $2,000 in fines, including a victim restitution fine. Additionally, other records we personally inspected showed she had to complete a three month alcohol program. Given a one day jail sentence with credit for time served, Rouhana was also sentenced to three years of probation.

The records indicated that at the time of her arrest she lived at an address in Whittier, which is consistent with statements made in this bio.

Earlier this year it appears she petitioned the court to have the conviction expunged from her record.

The arrest and guilty plea occurred before Assemblyman Steinorth took office in late 2014, and we do not know if Ms. Rouhana disclosed this offense to him or the California Assembly when she was hired. However, Mrs. Steinorth has alleged that her husband and Rouhana have been having an affair in court documents. One would presume that if this were true, that the legislator was made aware of this incident at some point.

While Rouhana’s office is located in the Rancho Cucamonga district office, it is our understanding that she travels fairly regularly up to Sacramento. We would assume that during these visits she checked out state owned vehicles from the state motor fleet.

Whether or not she was required to disclose this information is unclear.

It is commonly understood that drunk drivers have usually driven under the influence multiple times and that it is seldom the case that a DUI bust occurs the first time they break the law. Interestingly, this arrest did not occur while she was in college – but while she was apparently working for Congressman Gary Miller.

Of more immediate concern is her interaction with Assemblyman Steinorth’s children. We have seen pictures of Rouhana with Steinorth’s young son. It is not uncommon for staffers of elected officials to end up driving family members around from time to time.

Did Rouhana ever drive any of the Steinorth children in her personal or state owned vehicle? We do not know.

These are some of the questions we are interested in Ms. Rouhana, Mr. Steinorth, and state officials answering.

Click the image below to see the full court documents.​

Criminal court filings for Heather Rouhana's DUI charge.

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