CAGOP Vice-Chairwoman Kristin Olsen Resigns Under Grassroots Pressure

It took a while for her to come to her senses, but California Republican Party Vice-Chairwoman Kristin Olsen finally announced her long rumored resignation via email Sunday afternoon.


In July, American Children First exposed the affair between Assemblyman Chad Mayes and Olsen and had put pressure on both to resign their leadership positions. Last month, American Children First founder Joseph Turner worked with fellow activist Arthur Schaper to draft a resolution for the upcoming California Republican Party convention calling upon Olsen to resign.

The mounting pressure of the resolution,  and speculation that grassroots activists from Southern California would engage in political shenanigans at the convention in Anaheim​ no doubt finally forced the unrepentant Olsen to give up her position.

It has long been believed that Chairman Jim Brulte had tapped her to be his successor once he stepped down.

Here is the full text of here comments via email:

Dear Fellow Delegates,

As Vice Chair, I have focused on building unity, enthusiasm, and hope among the grassroots, growing fundraising efforts beyond Sacramento, and articulating our core principles in a way that resonates with everyday Californians.

California desperately needs a viable Republican Party, and maintaining the status quo will not get us there. We must be committed to building a bigger tent and articulating an optimistic message that resonates in diverse communities across the state. Our principles of freedom, opportunity and limited government are timeless. Our challenge is to define and apply them for a changing California.

Given the challenges before the Party, it is essential that we have officers who can fully commit to their volunteer positions. For both personal and professional reasons, I no longer have sufficient time to do so. As a county supervisor, I have been working on important and time-consuming issues. As a single mom, two of my three kids are now teenagers whose busy schedules often conflict with CRP activities. As a consultant, I am growing a new business and must dedicate more time to clients and provide for my family.

For these reasons, today I am stepping down as Vice Chair. I sincerely thank you for the opportunity to have served and wish you the best.


Kristin Olsen

​This woman is delusional. Let us unpack this a bit.

  • There has been no effort to grow grassroots involvement by the party during her time on the board. In fact, grassroots influences have been consistently minimized as the party has allowed "Munger Money"​ to steamroll activists and deluge county central committees with political cronies who are connected to Munger backed legislators.
  • This woman doesn't know what a core principle is...
  • She is the status quo -- selling out the principles of the party and the grassroots activists who helped get them to Sacramento
  • Spare us the old "need to spend more time with the family" ruse. She didn't care about spending time with her family when she was traipsing up and down the state sharing hotels with her paramour while her husband cared for the kids. She gives the same excuse time and time again.
  • Single mom? Really...she is a single mom? No. She is a woman who broke up her own marriage, put her boyfriend above her husband and her kids, and now wants to diminish the role of her husband who has been the primary caregiver while she was screwing around on him. That is rich.

But, we are just supposed to believe that three weeks out from the convention where activists were going to wage a holy war against her that she suddenly doesn't have the time.

Does anyone honestly think that had we not exposed the affair and went on a five week long crusade to oust Assemblyman Chad Mayes that she would have resigned today? Of course not.

These politicians are full of shit -- and the only time they seemingly put their kids first is when activists or the voters put an end to their more important and pressing pursuits for political power and ego boosting.​

Maybe she will really put her kids first for a change. We truly hope so.

Happy Trails.​

This now means that we have put three political heads on our pikes. First, we succeeded in ousting Assemblyman Chad Mayes. We also managed to get the new leadership to fire the political director for the assembly caucus. And now we have Kristin Olsen to add to our collection case.

Up next. Marc Steinorth...​

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