Did California Republican Leaders Put a Muzzle on “Cheating” Chad Mayes?

For nearly a month disgraced Assemblyman Chad Mayes has been silent on his Twitter account. The last time he posted was October 20, the same day the California Republican Party held its convention in Anaheim.

This is the same day that Steve Bannon, the former chief strategist for President Donald Trump, was the keynote speaker to a sell-out crowd of passionate "America First" loving California Republicans.


Yes. We do exist.

Mayes, a "Never Trumper," had been hypercritical of the Bannon invitation and openly criticized the move. Our understanding is that Bannon was secured by CAGOP Chairman Jim Brulte.

Now, without going to far off into the weeds, it is widely known that Brulte had supported and help shepherd Mayes' rise to power. And many believe that Brulte tried very hard to protect Mayes from the grassroots uprising that we led in our quest to oust him from his position as the GOP Assembly leader.

So, it didn't go unnoticed that Mayes would arrogantly take a swipe at the Bannon invitation...which effectively was a broadside against one of his most ardent supporters.

Mayes is never at a loss for words on Twitter when it comes to criticizing American patriots, conservatives, and nationalists. He is a proud supporter of Ohio Governor John Kasich and House Speaker Paul Ryan. And he loves John McCain and Mitt Romney.

His choice of topics and discussions has been roundly criticized by other bloggers and activists.​ Yours truly excoriated Mayes' praise for serial child rapist Harvey Milk.

And we have criticized him for his silence on other issues.

When it comes to the Second Amendment, Assemblyman Mayes is silent.

When it comes to school choice and education reforms, Assemblyman Chad Mayes is silent.​

When it comes to radical Islamic terrorism, Assemblyman Chad Mayes is silent.

And now...several weeks into the sexual harassment and assault allegations sweeping up his Sacramento colleagues, Assemblyman Chad Mayes is silent.

Why is that?

Why is it that he has seemingly abandoned his Twitter account the last month during a time when the behavior of his colleagues is under extreme scrutiny?​

For someone who repeatedly virtue signals on his Twitter account about leadership and making courageous, tough decisions, it is puzzling.

Speculation within the ranks of conservative activists is that various leaders of the Republican Party and colleagues have told Mayes to "zip it." It seems that no matter what he shares on his social media accounts it just enrages activists and voters and results in more negative attention for the party.

It remains to be seen when Mayes will being tweeting again. Maybe he is planning to unveil a new Twitter account for his rumored run for governor...​

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