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Masked Antifa Arrested and Unmasked by LAPD after Burning U.S. Flag

You can file this in the “Antifa Fails” category.

During the May Day Los Angeles march and rally, about 100 supporters of President Donald Trump were opposed by a small group of vile and nasty Antifa (anti-fascists) members.

One of the more belligerent and moronic representatives of Antifa, but I am repeating myself, was an individual wearing a black ski mask for the entire duration of the event. It was complemented by a red Zapatista shirt.

He was even interviewed by KNBC Channel 4 reporter Lolita Lopez who asked him why he covered his face.

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Trump Releases First Sanctuary Cities List

The Trump Administration released its first report on sanctuary cities today. The publication of all the jurisdictions that have refused to detain and hold illegal aliens for 48 hours despite recommendations by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) is in response to the January 25th executive order signed by President Trump.

The list contains information about 206 individual cases in 118 jurisdictions. In each instance, the illegal alien in question was released from jail and allowed to commit another offense against American citizens.

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Politician Who Supported Syrian Refugees Fined by Authorities for Perjury

San Bernardino County Supervisor “Baghdad” Bob Lovingood will be fined $6,000 by the California State Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) next week.

Lovingood is the board chairman representing the sprawling first district, which includes the communities of Apple Valley, Hesperia, and Victorville.

A few weeks before the November election, his opponent, Angela Valles, discovered that the federal government was placing unvetted Syrian refugees in the City of Victorville without notifying the residents. This is a clear violation of federal law.

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