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NOT CLICKBAIT: California Republican Party Calls Serial Child Rapist a “Hero”

In my younger days of Republican activism when I worked for a state legislator, we commonly referred to a group of Democrat legislators as the "Pervert Caucus" given their penchant to promote bills that relaxed the punishments given to sex offenders and other such nonsense. Some of you might remember the names Mark Leno and Jackie Goldberg.

Anyway, I never thought I would live to see the day when the California Republican Party itself became the "Pervert Caucus." What the hell happened?

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EXCLUSIVE: Cap and Trade Senator Lived Outside District When Elected; Accused of Tax Fraud

In a recent newspaper article, Senator Tom Berryhill freely admitted that he no longer lives in his own senate district and stated that he "legally can represent a senate district in which he doesn’t live as long as he resided there when elected."

After conducting a thorough review of publicly available information and government documents, American Children First believes State Senator Tom Berryhill (R-Twain Harte) did not legally reside within Senate District 8 (map) at the time he was elected in 2014. We call upon the Stanislaus and Tuolumne County District Attorneys to investigate the matter thoroughly.

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Leaked Audio: Chad Mayes Says Cap and Trade Vote was Consistent with CAGOP Platform

This is the second installment of our "Leaked Audio featuring Assemblyman Chad Mayes" series. Our previous blog post centered on Mayes' slamming of his Senate GOP colleagues. He accused them of spreading erroneous information about AB 398 in the weeks leading up to the vote which tainted the public narrative and caused him to face calls for his resignation as the GOP Assembly Caucus Leader.

In this installment, Mayes insists that voting for the largest gas tax increase in American history is actually consistent with the California Republican Party platform.

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