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Leaked Audio: Chad Mayes Says Cap and Trade Vote was Consistent with CAGOP Platform

This is the second installment of our "Leaked Audio featuring Assemblyman Chad Mayes" series. Our previous blog post centered on Mayes' slamming of his Senate GOP colleagues. He accused them of spreading erroneous information about AB 398 in the weeks leading up to the vote which tainted the public narrative and caused him to face calls for his resignation as the GOP Assembly Caucus Leader.

In this installment, Mayes insists that voting for the largest gas tax increase in American history is actually consistent with the California Republican Party platform.

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GOP Central Committees Call on Mayes to Resign Leadership Position (GROWING LIST)

UPDATE: 8/7: Added to list: Yolo County GOP Central Committee, Shawn Steel, and Lincoln Clubs and more.

UPDATE: 7/28: Ventura County GOP Central Committee has also called for the removal of Mayes bringing tally to 9 county central committees.

The list of state GOP leaders and organizations calling for the resignation of California GOP Assembly Leader Chad Mayes (Yucca Valley) following his vote to raise gas taxes more than 60 cents per gallon and our exposing his affair is growing.

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Kristin Olsen Abandoned Kids to Pursue Love Affair with Chad Mayes

For better or worse, our attention during the Mayes-Olsen affair saga has been primarily focused on GOP Assembly Leader Chad Mayes.

It is time to now pivot and start focusing some energy on Stanislaus County Supervisor Kristin Olsen. Olsen is also currently the Vice-Chair of the California Republican Party and is supposedly Chairman Jim Brulte's handpicked replacement to succeed him one he steps down from leadership.

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ACF Sends Letter to AG Jeff Sessions Requesting Investigation into GOP Leader Chad Mayes Affair

This week we broke the news story about how California GOP Assembly Leader Chad Mayes was having an affair with former GOP Assembly Leader Kristin Olsen. We came into possession of a letter sent by Olsen's estranged husband to Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon's office requesting an investigation to see if state funds or resources were used by the paramours to carry out their trysts.

We have been asking several questions about this affair. But most importantly, was there a quid pro quo arrangement of any kind between Speaker Rendon's office and either Chad Mayes or Kristin Olsen.

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