Chad Mayes’ Church Deletes Facebook Page After Activist Highlights His Affair with Kristin Olsen

I warned weeks ago that the battle against Assemblyman Chad Mayes would grow increasingly personal and bitter as irate activists took this battle to his doorstep. I encouraged him to just walk away from his leadership position.

I made it very clear that by stepping away he would protect those closest to him as well as other political allies because it would siphon off much of the hostile energy many of us feel for him.


We are the barbarians at the gate, filled with unrelenting rage and blood lust over his support for the largest gas tax in American history. Besides doing what was best for those he cared about, it would also be the honorable thing to do since he betrayed his constituents.

Unfortunately, Mayes signaled with his appearance at last night's San Bernardino County Central Committee meeting that he would fight till the bitter end.

Mayes' intransigence has left us with no choice but to take this battle to the trenches.

That is why we descended upon Mayes' fundraiser on July 27th and the personal residence of San Bernardino County Chairwoman Jan Leja on the 29th. Mayes' refusal to surrender necessitates a ramping up of the hostilities and will ensure that collateral targets become subject to withering assaults.

​Mayes' father is the pastor of Grace Community Church in Yucca Valley and his mother runs the Grace Christian School out of the same building. Mayes spent the entirety of his K-12 education at this school and is also a worship leader of sorts.

And I have floated the idea of staging protests outside their church.​

Well an angry activist upset with the arrogance and hypocrisy of Mayes decided to post a negative review on the church's Facebook page which was subsequently taken down.

Here are some archived screen shots:

Here are some screenshots of the comments the activist sent me. Sadly, members of the church seemed eager to defend Mayes and suggest that the charges against him were fabrications. It is very sad to see good people get snookered by a con artist who doesn't even have the guts to own his mistakes.

There were apparently several other comments made in defense of Mayes, but no screenshots were captured before the page was unexpectedly deleted.

Perhaps, the church's Yelp page will be targeted next.​

​Mayes is smart enough to know that his career as the GOP minority leader of the assembly caucus is over. It is ego and pride that forces him to hang on and fight. And it is this ego and pride that will inevitably hurt those close to him.

Please do the honorable thing Chad and announce your resignation from leadership.

Even if you truly believe you did the right thing with your vote for the largest gas tax in American history, you surely understand that most people disagree with you and that guerrilla activists such as myself are going to continue the unceasing onslaught.

Do the honorable thing. Resign and then work to rebuild your career. Through this redemption process you may very well salvage your Congressional career.​

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