Dam Breaking on Chad Mayes; Contacted by Sac Bee Reporter and Updates

Yesterday was a disaster for Assemblyman Chad Mayes.

First, we exposed his affair with former GOP Assembly Leader Kristin Olsen. Then he betrayed his party and constituents by supporting the cap and trade bill. Then he yucked it up on the couch with "Moonbeam" Jerry Brown and anchor baby Kevin de Leon laughing about how they just stuck it to working class Californians.


Within 30 minutes of posting the story I was getting feedback that the news was spreading like wildfire. I was told that GOP Godfather Jim Brulte was already aware of the story getting out to the public.

​Later in the evening, San Diego Rostra linked to it and the feedback continued to pour in.

Early this morning we sent out a press release calling for the removal of Mayes from leadership. We also learned that RNC Committeewoman Harmeet Dhillon issued a call for Mayes removal as well.

Additionally, Sacramento Bee reporter Alexei Koseff contacted me for comment a little bit ago so it seems clear that this story will be getting out into the mainstream press shortly.​

If Mayes has any self-respect and honor remaining, he should do the right thing and resign from the legislature. At the very least he should step down from his leadership position where he​ has so abysmally failed.

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Joseph Turner

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