Formal Complaint Seeks Investigation into Assemblyman Chad Mayes’ Use of Government Resources During Affair

This morning American Children First submitted a letter to California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon requesting a formal investigation into allegations that Assemblyman Chad Mayes and former Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen used government resources to carry on an illicit extramarital affair.


Last year, Olsen's husband sent a letter requesting an investigation but subsequently rescinded the request the same day. 

Questions for Qualley

However, we have since learned that Angela Qualley who worked as Olsen's scheduler now works for Mayes as his scheduler (click the staff tab). During the entire affair she worked for one or the other.

Schedulers are extremely important individuals and are intimately familiar with the inner workings of the lives of their member. It would stand to reason that Ms. Qualley would have had knowledge and actively worked to plan rendezvous, conceal trysts, misrepresent personal activities as official government acts, and perhaps, even misled spouses of the respective members.

We find it highly probable that Ms. Qualley used her time (i.e. ​taxpayer resources) to aid and abet this affair. Moreover, we find it highly probable that she enlisted the assistance of other government employees (e.g. other staff, security and police details, motor pool, etc) most likely without their knowledge.

Some questions about Qualley:​

  1. ​While employed by either Mayes or Olsen, did Ms. Qualley ever describe or note personal activities related to the affair as official government business?
  2. Did Ms. Qualley ever coordinate with other government employees (e.g. fellow staff, security personnel, motor pool, etc.) to plan and/or arrange trysts between Mayes and Olsen?
  3. Did Ms. Qualley ever withhold public documents that would normally be disclosed or miscategorize them in such a manner so as to prevent them from being released to the public?

Quid Pro Quo?

We also find it incredibly disconcerting that Mayes hired Olsen's scheduler for a couple of different reasons.

Is it possible that Mayes hired Qualley to secure her silence and loyalty? Trust me, schedulers know the dirty details.

And with all that said, what about the person who previously served as Mayes' scheduler? Did this person quit on their own volition before Qualley was hired or were they pushed out to make room for Qualley?

These are all questions we would like to see investigated by the California Legislature and asked by reporters.

Do the Right Thing!

On February 1, 2018, Mayes tweeted out the following: “Doing the right thing is always easy.”

As the son of a pastor, a leader in his church, and active participant in legislative prayer breakfasts, we are confident that Mayes will answer any and all questions posed to him by an investigative panel and the media completely and honestly.

After all, he is a "Never Trump" new kind of Republican that preaches about how easy it is to do the right thing.

You can read our letter requesting an investigation here.

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