GOP Central Committees Call on Mayes to Resign Leadership Position (GROWING LIST)

UPDATE: 8/7: Added to list: Yolo County GOP Central Committee, Shawn Steel, and Lincoln Clubs and more.

UPDATE: 7/28: Ventura County GOP Central Committee has also called for the removal of Mayes bringing tally to 9 county central committees.

The list of state GOP leaders and organizations calling for the resignation of California GOP Assembly Leader Chad Mayes (Yucca Valley) following his vote to raise gas taxes more than 60 cents per gallon and our exposing his affair is growing.


Several county central committees are now getting on board. Here is the list with links to the letters:

  • Orange County Central Committee
  • San Diego C​ounty Central Committee
  • Fresno County Central Committee
  • Merced County Central Committee
  • Madera County Central Committee
  • San Luis Obispo County Central Committee
  • Mariposa County Central Committee
  • Tulare County Central Commitee
  • Ventura County Central Committee
  • Yolo County Central Committee

Notably absent from this list are  the Riverside and San Bernardino central committees.

The Riverside County Central Committee voted to summon Assemblyman Mayes to the next meeting for an explanation before voting on a resolution calling for his resignation. Apparently, several members of the body were unaware of this new thing called the internet where one can listen and hear the reasons Mayes gave for his vote.

The San Bernardino County Central Committee, chaired by Jan Leja, has been silent thus far. Reports suggest that they have cancelled the meeting to protect Mayes and Marc Steinorth (Rancho Cucamonga) from being confronted for their votes.

It should be noted that Leja used to be Mayes' alternate on the committee before becoming the chair.

Other individuals and organizations calling for the removal of Mayes include:

  • Melissa Melendez (Lake Elsinore)
  • Travis Allen (Huntington Beach)
  • ​Harmeet Dhillon, member of the Republican National Committee
  • Shawn Steel, member of the Republican National Committee
  • Lincoln Club of Los Angeles County
  • Lincoln Club of Orange County
  • Redlands Tea Party Patriots
  • Morongo Basin Republicans

American Children First endorsed Melendez to replace Mayes before she even came out against the leader and resigned her assistant leadership position. We are very proud to support her and proud of the courage she has demonstrated by being the first member of her caucus to confront her leader.

Additionally, Allen stated his support for the removal of Mayes following my asking of the question at the Riverside County Central Committee. His response was immediate, without reservation or qualification. And we are grateful for that.​

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