GOP Legislator Allegedly Treated for Suicidal Thoughts and Depression

California Assemblyman Marc Steinorth (R-Rancho Cucamonga) reportedly sought treatment from a mental health professional for suicidal thoughts and depression according to publicly available divorce documents filed by his estranged wife.


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Assemblyman Marc Steinorth betrayed the people of California when he violated his promise and voted for the "cap and trade" bill that will raise the price of gas by 71 cents per gallon. Votes have consequences and we intend to make him pay. 

Grab some popcorn and follow along with us over at "The Marc Steinorth Files." I guarantee you are going to enjoy the happy ending.

Assemblyman Steinorth, who occupies what will arguably be the most contested and expensive race in 2018, petitioned for divorce from his wife of twenty years back in February of 2017.

As we previously discussed, he savagely attacked his wife, Maria, in his initial declaration to the court stating that she was suicidal and that she had emotionally, psychologically and physically abused their two children. In fact, Steinorth stated under penalty of perjury that he was terrified his mentally ill wife would hurt their children. He also claimed that his wife had threatened to physically harm his chief of staff, Heather Rouhana, over allegations of an affair.

Maria Steinorth Fends Off Vicious Accusations

Maria Steinorth fired back in her response declaration which can be read at the end of this blog post.

Heather Rouhana posing with Assemblyman Marc Steinorth and his son.

She asked the court to question the attacks against her. In what one might classify as wondering in rhetorical bemusement, she asked how it was possible for her supposedly "terrified" husband to pursue his political career while leaving their children in her sole custodial care. The life of a state assemblyman is filled with 4-7 day workweeks in Sacramento, in district fundraisers and meetings, and a time consuming election cycle every other year.

We suggested that if he was truly terrified as he stated under penalty of perjury, why did he not take decisive action? Why has he spent more time and energy protecting animals and pets instead of his very own flesh and blood?

Pot Calls the Kettle Black

But she was not finished. Mrs. Steinorth dropped the hammer on the man who has allegedly been cheating on her with his chief of staff, Heather Rouhana.

In the divorce documents, she claimed that her husband sought the help of a psychologist about a decade ago. She claims that he was prescribed medication to help overcome depression and suicidal ideations.

Page four of her declaration reads:

"It is noteworthy that [Marc Steinorth] has a history of mental disorder. Approximately 10 years ago [he] had been treated by Dr. Joyce Handler, a psychologist in Upland, and she has during that period of time prescribed medication to control depression and suicidal thoughts."​

​Pot meet kettle.

If Mrs. Steinorth was making this up it would seem pretty easy to prove she was lying. Therefore, one is left to ponder the mental fitness, political acumen, and intelligence of an individual that claims another person is suicidal when he himself apparently had his own mental health issues.

Mrs. Steinorth's declaration does not clearly address whether or not her husband is still being treated for depression or suicidal thoughts, though it seems the treatment period ended at some point in the past.

Additionally, Mrs. Steinorth states that her husband is the one that has engaged in physical abuse claiming that he "dragged [her] from the driveway."​

Pot meet kettle again.​

Questions for the Media

It may be a tall order to ask the media to ask Assemblyman Marc Steinorth questions.

Thus far, a 9-1-1 domestic disturbance call, allegations of an affair with a staff member, allegations of physical threats made against said staff member by the estrange wife, a cease and desist letter threatening a defamation lawsuit, social media blocking, and allegations of physical assault on the wife have not seemed to merit any attention by the media.

But, we will ask anyway.

  1. Is Marc Steinorth still being treated by a mental health professional?
  2. Is Marc Steinorth currently taking medication for depression or suicidal thoughts?
  3. If he is no longer receiving treatment or prescribed medication, when did the treatment end?
  4. When was the last time Marc Steinorth experienced depression or suicidal ideations?
  5. Will Steinorth release his mental health records for public review?

​To read the entire unredacted declaration, you can either click this link or the image below:

Maria Steinorth alleges that her husband, Assemblyman Marc Steinorth, physically dragged her out of the driveway.

If you are someone you love is struggling with thoughts of suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at: 1-800-273-8255

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