Harvey Weinstein, Harvey Milk & GOP Hypocrisy in California

The recent revelations of sexual predation on the part of Harvey Weinstein has spurred another round of searing reports about allegations of pedophilia and man-boy predators in Hollywood. This is nothing to new to those of us on the right side of the political spectrum who have bemoaned the hypocrisy of leftists who gloss over the acts of Roman Polanski and others while sitting on their moral high horse.


So, it was no surprise that California Republicans took to social media to condemn Weinstein and the abhorrent exploitation of minors by Hollywood power brokers.

But, there is a special breed of California Republican hypocrites that need to be exposed. In past posts we have addressed the faux outrage of some of our leading female voices in the CAGOP. And we have also spotlighted how the California Assembly Republican Caucus put out a tweet calling serial child rapist Harvey Milk a "hero."

Well, my jaw hit the floor when I noticed one of these CAGOP hypocrites going to town about the Weinstein scandal on Twitter. Why? Because this very same person liked the tweet calling Milk a hero.

I am talking about Sue Caro, the Regional Vice-Chairwoman of the California Republican Party.​

I mean...that takes some balls.

Take a look at these screen shots from Caro's Twitter account:​

I don't have any problems with those above re-tweets. I am all for it. But what I do have a problem with is when someone expresses opposition to pedophilia and sexual predation on teenagers today -- when back in May they praised a predator as a hero. How does one wrap their head around this?

Don't believe me, take a look at the image below and watch the video.​

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Joseph Turner

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