Hey Ahhnold. STFU Already About Trump’s Approval Ratings

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the failed California Governor who commuted the sentence of a murderer and impregnated his nanny, seems to be desperate for any attention he can muster from his feud with President Donald Trump.

His latest tweak of the president centers around the fake news reports that his approval ratings are at all-time lows.​ 

Because, as we all know, all the polls regarding Trump and his candidacy were right on target. Who can forget this gem of a title for an article by hack journalist Chris Cillizza just two weeks before the election that said: "Donald Trump’s chances of winning are approaching zero."

Can someone please tell Ahnnold to just shut the fuck up already?​


​The embarrassingly impotent former governor tweeted out a video calling out Trump where he says:

​Oh, Donald. The ratings are in, and you got swamped. Wow. Now you're in the 30s? But what do you expect? When you take away after-school programs for children, Meals on Wheels for the poor people, that's not what you call making America great again. C'mon! I mean, who is advising you?

Seriously...talk about the pot calling the kettle black. This coming from the guy who commuted the manslaughter sentence of Esteban Nunez, the son of open borders liberal politician and former speaker of the California Assembly, Fabian Nunez.

Schwarzenegger is the consummate dirt-bag politician who was more interested in being liked and making friends, not following through on the promises he made to the voters who elected him.

And more to the point, Schwarzenegger's approval rating plummeted into the 20's!​

What a delusional, self-absorbed prick this clown must be to cast stones on approval ratings!

The fact is, the legendary actor and former body builder aspired to be president and hinted as much when he signaled a desire to see the constitution amended so that he could fulfill his vanity quest several years ago.

​“But everyone knows that if I was American-born I would probably run for president. I could do a better job than these guys can, trust me.”

Give me a break!

In light of the actor's foolish attempts to get publicity for himself, we are going to start a new feature here at American Children First called: Twitter Tool Tuesday.

Congratulations, Arnold. You are number one in our book.​

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