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Below is a collection of media mentions, news articles, and radio and television interviews featuring American Children First and its founder, Joseph Turner.

American Children First officially launched on March 6, 2017. Our first press release announcing our first project, The American Children First Initiative, went out on April 3, 2017.​


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July 10: Highland News: Highland Gets Its First Syrian Refugee; Three More Placed in Victorville
July 18: Highland News: Group Demands Assembly GOP Leader Chad Mayes Resign Position Following “Cap and Trade” Vote & Revelations of Extramarital Affair
July 18: Sacramento Bee: Alleged affair between California Assembly Republican leaders fuels political attack
July 18: Desert Sun: Facing political attack, aide to Assembly GOP Leader Chad Mayes calls alleged affair a 'private matter'
July 19: Sacramento Bee: Here’s what happens when a Republican dares to vote with Democrats
July 19: San Jose Mercury News: Payback for climate deal: Conservative activist accuses Assembly GOP leader Chad Mayes of affair
July 19: Politico: CHAD MAYES accused of affair after cap-and-trade vote
July 19: Kern Radio 1180: Could an affair, conservative dissatisfaction lead to Fong’s rise in state GOP?
July 19: Breitbart News: Critics Demand California Republican Leader Resign After Cap-and-Trade Vote
July 19: Breitbart News: Schwarzenegger Praises CA Republican Leader for Backing Cap-and-Trade (indirect reference)
July 19: Riverside Press-Enterprise: Conservative website accuses Assembly Republican Leader Chad Mayes of love affair with GOP colleague
July 19: Rumored #Chad Mayes affair with #KristinOlsen surfaces after #CapAndTrade vote
July 19: Z 107.7 FM: Assemblyman Chad Mayes in the crosshairs of political retribution
July 20: Desert Sun: Tempers flare when California Assembly Republican Leader Chad Mayes is summoned
July 20: Desert Sun: Our Voice: Mayes hit with unfair shot from right for doing his job
July 20: Riverside Press-Enterprise: Climate change vs. higher gas prices; How cap-and-trade affects the Inland Empire (indirect reference)
July 20: Riverside Press-Enterprise: Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez resigns GOP leadership post, calls out Chad Mayes
July 20: Beaumont Record-Gazette: Group Asks AG Jeff Sessions to Investigate GOP Leader’s Affair
July 20: The American Spectator: Lawmakers vote for anti-market measure, then giddily pose with Democratic leaders — in return for zilch
July 20: Hi-Desert Star: Chad Mayes helps air pollution deal pass
July 21: San Jose Mercury News: Assemblywoman resigns GOP leadership post, blasts leader for cap-and-trade vote
July 21: Riverside Press-Enterprise: How Assembly GOP Leader Chad Mayes became Benedict Arnold to many California conservatives
July 21: USA Today (& family of papers): Facing political attack, aide to Assembly GOP Leader Chad Mayes calls alleged affair a 'private matter'
July 23: Fresno Bee (Oped Smear): Cut out hate from the political debate
July 27: FlashReport: Why It Matters That CA Assembly Leaders Mayes and Olsen Had an Affair
July 31: Sacramento Bee: ‘Hurry up and die’: Threats, racism intensify against California officials
July 31: SB Sun: Dozens of police respond to protest at Assemblyman’s Rancho Cucamonga office

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