Judge Slaps Down School District’s Effort to Silence Illegal Immigration Activist

In a blatant abuse of government power and resources, the Ocean View School District attempted to silence a well-known anti-illegal immigration activist by filing a restraining order citing him as a workplace violence threat.

District staff attempted to destroy the reputation of Raymond Herrera, the bullhorn wielding activist also known for his fiery Facebook livestreams, suggesting that he was a physical threat to the school board president, Gina Clayton-Tarvin.


The Daily Pilot, now owned by the Los Angeles Times, reports that Superior Court Judge Craig Griffin rejected the petition citing First Amendment speech concerns and the fact that all interactions between Ms. Tarvin and Mr. Herrera took place in public meetings open to the public.

Immigration hardliner Raymond Herrera

In a press release, the Huntington Beach school district located in Orange County, California, said it was “obligated to take cautionary measures, which may include seeking restraining orders on behalf of its employees and officials, upon being made aware of a threat of violence that could potentially endanger members of the OVSD community.”

Did OVSD cite any menacing phone calls from Mr. Herrera? No.

Did Mr. Herrera send any threatening emails or letters? No.

Did Mr. Herrera make any verbal threats to any OVSD board members or staff? No.

Their pathetic attempt to saddle Mr. Herrera with a restraining order was built entirely on the following arguments:

  1. ​He allegedly “liked” a Facebook comment made by somebody who said Ms. Tarvin should be assaulted.
  2. He outed Ms. Tarvin as being a supporter of illegal aliens, thus inciting his followers to direct their vitriol towards her.
  3. He said, “Gina, you need to be taken out.”

The latter comment was clearly a reference to her status as an elected official and using the ballot box to elect politicians who will put American children first, instead of illegals.

Curiously, OVSD refused to provide any evidence to support the first claim "because of the violent and inappropriate nature of the content." But, they offered to provide it to the media upon request. Moreover, there have been plenty of instances where I have accidentally liked a post or comment while scrolling my social media feeds.

OVSD also goes out of their way to deflect from the costs associated with this waste of taxpayer funds to play petty political games and silence the voice of American citizens engaged in our Democratic processes.

I have known Mr. Herrera for well over a decade. He has attended countless rallies, protests and public meetings of various government agencies. These meetings, included OVSD, are attended by law enforcement officers. Clearly, none of these officers felt that that Mr. Herrera crossed the line or had broken the law.​

American Children First plans to submit a public information request seeking information about the costs associated with this political witch hunt.

We will report back what we find out in this ongoing saga.​

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Joseph Turner

Joseph Turner is the founder and executive director for American Children First. He is a nationalist hardliner on illegal immigration issues and considered one of the foremost visionary and strategic thinkers in the movement. Previously, he founded the California-based anti-illegal immigration group Save Our State in 2004. He also authored the Illegal Immigration Relief Act (IIRA) in 2005 which served as the model blueprint for dozens of other cities, most notably Hazleton (PA) and Farmers Branch (TX). The IIRA is believed to have represented the first ever attempt to use the local initiative process to combat illegal immigration in the United States.

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