LAUSD Teacher Calls Cops Pigs & Soldiers Terrorists on Social Media

Another Southern California high school teacher has been caught denigrating the men and women who serve our nation in uniform.

American Children First has uncovered social media posts by a rabidly anti-American high school teacher in Los Angeles who regularly refers to police officers as pigs and our military as a terrorist organization. On top of that he seems to advocate violence against police officers.


Ron Gochez, a radical self-avowed socialist and supporter of open borders, teaches ethnic studies at Maya Angelou Community High School in South Central Los Angeles. While flags of Cuba and the Soviet Union proudly hang on his walls along with tributes to Che Guevara and Malcolm X, the American flag is conspicuously absent. 

Ron Gochez is a radical socialist that indoctrinates students with anti-American propaganda.

The socialist teacher and community organizer is the son of two illegal aliens from El Salvador and he is no stranger to controversy. He teaches his students that the entire Southwestern United States (Aztlan) was stolen from indigenous people and that it belongs to Mexico. 

Gochez, who places Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez and Ho Chi Minh in his pantheon of heroes, openly advocated for the overthrow of the American government in this 2007 video:

​The man has nothing but disdain for all things American and yet, American taxpayers fund his salary and allow him indoctrinate and corrupt the minds of young people with this anti-American and subversive rhetoric.

The American flag disgusts Ron Gochez.

​Gochez: Cops are Pigs & Hitler Youth

Here are a series of social media posts and comments made by Gochez that illustrate (click to enlarge) his contempt and disgust for law enforcement by calling them "pigs."

Businesses that support law enforcement are the enemy.

There are countless "pig references" littered throughout his social media presence (here, here, here, here, here, and here).

He can't even stomach eating a meal in their presence:

Puercos and chorizo are references to pigs and pork sausage.

When he isn't losing his appetite or calling them pigs, Gochez calls cops terrorists and suggests that youth cadet corps are "Hitler Youth" organizations.

Police cadet programs for young people are "Hitler Youth" programs.

Police officers are terrorists.

...and gang members.

The radical Gochez also advocates the use of violence against police officers. 

Gochez plainly states that violence must be used to achieve his radical beliefs.

Ron Gochez believes cops are fascists and terrorists and that they should expect to be targeted.

Down with Capitalism and the Imperialist U.S. Army

Gochez detests the United States military viewing it as an imperialist and terrorist organization that advances capitalism throughout the world. In fact, he believes that young Hispanics should avoid joining the military and instead choose to die fighting against the United States.

See images below:

High school teacher wishes American children would give their lives fighting against the United States.

He loathes everything about the United States and its military.

Ron Gochez in his own words is an enemy of the United States.

This man is indoctrinating students with anti-American rhetoric while getting paid by your tax dollars.

In addition to teaching ethnic and social studies, he is one of the faculty advisors for the racist anti-American student organization called MEChA whose motto is: "For the race everything. Outside the race, nothing."

The organization is so extreme and controversial that the National Council of La Raza changed its name and publicly denounced the organization to get out from under the cloud of controversy.​

​When Gochez is not indoctrinating children during school hours, he is using them as pawns in his activist agenda after hours. There are numerous posts where he discusses their participation in protests and marches that he has organized or promoted.

The discovery comes on the heels of national outrage directed at high school teacher and Pico Rivera councilman Gregory Salcido. He was captured on video making disgusting and vile remarks about the men and women who serve our nation in the military.

You can view Gochez' social media accounts at the following links: Facebook, Twitter Account #1, and Twitter Account #2.​

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