Leaked Audio: Chad Mayes Says Cap and Trade Vote was Consistent with CAGOP Platform

This is the second installment of our "Leaked Audio featuring Assemblyman Chad Mayes" series. Our previous blog post centered on Mayes' slamming of his Senate GOP colleagues. He accused them of spreading erroneous information about AB 398 in the weeks leading up to the vote which tainted the public narrative and caused him to face calls for his resignation as the GOP Assembly Caucus Leader.

In this installment, Mayes insists that voting for the largest gas tax increase in American history is actually consistent with the California Republican Party platform.


Mayes twisted logic mirrored that of Assemblyman Marc Steinorth. During our August 3rd meeting with Steinorth, he insisted that because the original Democrat plan was even worse than what the Republicans agreed to that he in fact was doing the right thing.

Mayes regurgitated the notion that the Republican Party is now the Dem-lite Party and followed it up by insisting that because he was able to win some market based concessions in this horrible bill that it was in fact a conservative vote in-line with the CAGOP platform.

In short, using the logic of Mayes and Steinorth, Republicans are now free to vote for any bill that increases taxes or regulations as long as they can say that the bill they voted on wouldn't have increased taxes or regulations as much as originally desired by the Democrats.

Take a listen:

Here is what the California GOP platform says in part on the environment:

​Recognizing that environmental protection and economic growth are not mutually exclusive, we will hold our State government accountable for common sense and sustainable environmental regulations that both protect and allow for prosperity. We support environmental policies based upon sound science that encourage innovation and application of new technologies through market based incentives whenever possible instead of regulation, taxation and litigation. Environmental regulations must be considered in light of the effects that they will have on workers and on the economy.

The treacherous logic used by Mayes and Steinorth must be aggressively rebutted otherwise the California Republican Party will be by definition the "Dem-Lite Party."

And that is wholly unacceptable.

By the way, did you catch his comments at the very end where he states that a handful of other members in the GOP Assembly Caucus were on the verge of voting yes on this bill?

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