Leaked Audio: Riverside GOP Chairman Calls Out Chad Mayes for Lying at SB County GOP Meeting

Well, kind of.

Riverside County Republican Party Chairman Jonathan Ingram is too kind to do that. Thankfully, I am not bound by such niceties.


At the San Bernardino County Republican Central Committee meeting Assemblyman Chad Mayes claimed that they were the only Republican group to call and invite him to attend a meeting to explain his vote. We have the leaked audio recording below:

Now, I attended the San Bernardino County meeting but since I am not a member I was denied the opportunity to ask questions. So, I was not allowed to question Mayes on this claim.

However, when I heard him say that it immediately struck me as odd because I had attended the Riverside County Central Committee meeting way back on July 20th. At that raucous meeting, the body voted to summon Mayes to their next meeting (scheduled for August 17) to explain his vote on the horrendous cap and trade bill.

To my knowledge, Riverside was the first county central committee meeting to meet after the AB 398 vote on Monday, July 17.

Not only that, Chad Mayes had a staffer at the meeting and one of the largest newspapers in Mayes' district covered the meeting. So, while Riverside County may have not called Mayes personally, I knew that Mayes had been summoned.

Before blasting Mayes, I sought out Ingram for comment just to make sure. Perhaps, Riverside County never actually called like Mayes intimated and was using lawyer speak to spin his political betrayal.

I spoke to Ingram last night and we was crystal clear on the phone. "I spoke to Chad two weeks ago on the phone and he confirmed that he would be in attendance at our Thursday meeting," he said.

While some of you may think this is ticky-tack nitpicking, I disagree. It further indicates that Mayes is seemingly incapable of telling the truth or keeping his word. He cheated on his wife and lied to the voters when he said there were no Republicans supporting the cap and trade bill. He lied about this issue.

Hell, he can't even be faithful to his regrets. At the very same San Bernardino County Central Committee meeting he said his only regret was how poorly he handled the messaging surrounding the roll out of AB 398. Four days later in the Los Angeles Times he said the only thing he would have done differently is that he would have attended the bill signing ceremony with Governor Jerry Brown.

Don't believe me. Here is the video:​

​During our conversation, Ingram also stated that he had no problem with anyone recording the meeting and that he planned to allow members of the public to ask questions and not just limit it to the members. He said that the members are elected to serve on the committee and that he wanted an open and transparent process.

Kudos to Chairman Ingram for doing the right thing. We applaud your commitment to transparency.​

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