Masked Antifa Arrested and Unmasked by LAPD after Burning U.S. Flag

You can file this in the “Antifa Fails” category.

During the May Day Los Angeles march and rally, about 100 supporters of President Donald Trump were opposed by a small group of vile and nasty Antifa (anti-fascists) members.

One of the more belligerent and moronic representatives of Antifa, but I am repeating myself, was an individual wearing a black ski mask for the entire duration of the event. It was complemented by a red Zapatista shirt.

He was even interviewed by KNBC Channel 4 reporter Lolita Lopez who asked him why he covered his face.


“See…we wear the masks so we can protect ourselves and our identity. Because the alt-right…the right-wing, what they want is to find us and like push this fascist ideology that it’s all about hate.”

Well. Mr. Antifa decided to burn an American flag to antagonize and draw a reaction from the Trump supporters.

LAPD swooped in and snatched him up. Apparently, the only marching the cuffed crusader would do that day would be a 20 yard escort to a police car.

As he was being walked to the vehicle Trump supporters repeatedly yelled and demanded that the police unmask the anti-American degenerate. There was a palpable sense of rabid excitement in the air.

Police officers sensing this proceeded to block our path and keep us away from the arrested Antifa reject. Unfortunately, police officers did him the courtesy of taking his mask off after he was put in the police car and we were unable to get a good look or picture.

However, American Children First managed to track down a picture of this Antifa…UNMASKED! You can click the image below for a larger version or also click here to see the original unedited image captured by Marc Langsam of


Antifa goon gets unmasked after LAPD arrests him for setting fire to an American flag.

​Some news reports stated that he was arrested and booked on suspicion of arson charges while other reports stated he was simply detained and later released.

American Children First was unable to locate a booking photo or identify this individual.

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