“Never Trump” California GOP Leader Chad Mayes Having Affair with Colleague

UPDATE 4: Story Hits Front Page of Sacramento Bee; Also Contacted by LA Times Reporter Patrick McGreevy...

UPDATE 3: Contacted by Sac Bee Reporter

UPDATE 2: Our founder Joseph Turner called the offices of Chad Mayes and Speaker Rendon seeking comments (audio included).

UPDATE 1: We sent out a press release this morning calling for Mayes to be removed from his leadership position.

American Children First can exclusively confirm that “Never Trump” California Assembly Republican Leader Chad Mayes (R-Yucca Valley) engaged in an extramarital affair with Kristin Olsen, the former leader of the Republican Assembly caucus, and current member of the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors.

Mayes is the son of a pastor and graduate of Liberty University, a Virginia-based Christian institution. According to Wikipedia, Mayes plays guitar in his church and also performed with Kristin Olsen at the 54th Annual California Prayer Breakfast.


Olsen is the Vice-Chair of the California Republican Party.

We have obtained through Capitol sources, a letter penned by Mr. Olsen to Anthony Rendon, the Speaker of the Assembly, requesting an investigation into the affair and whether or not tax dollars were used.

We have also reviewed court records, and confirmed the existence of the extramarital affair and investigation through unnamed Capitol and party sources.

The affair has resulted in both Olsen and Mayes petitioning for divorce according to court documents in San Bernardino County and Stanislaus County Superior Courts (see images below and click to enlarge).

Mr. Olsen’s letter states:

I am requesting that the Assembly Ethics Committee investigate whether or not taxpayer dollars and/or state resources were used inappropriately by Assembly Republican Leader Chad Mayes in his pursuit of an extramarital affair with former Assembly Republican Leader Kristin Olsen.

The letter included Mr. Olsen’s phone number. We reached out for comment. In addition to confirming the authenticity of the letter, he only wished to give the following statement:

“I’ve been advised by my attorney and my pastor not to discuss Kristin and Chad’s activities or their relationship at this time. I have no comment.”

​We are currently seeking out additional information about the Mayes-Olsen affair. We have heard reports that there is other evidence that corroborates the long running affair.

​Additionally, we have been informed that Mayes may have had a tryst with another colleague representing an Orange County district.

Misappropriation of Taxpayer Funds​

Mr. Olsen's letter begs the question.

Did these Republican leaders use taxpayer funds in any way to engage in and conceal this affair? Were meetings and trips planned primarily for the purposes of carrying on the affair under the guise of official government business?

At this point in time, we do not know the status of any investigation into the actions of Mayes and Olsen but plan to contact Speaker Rendon's office.​

What about donations to the Republican Party or their respective campaigns?

Were political donations to either their respective campaigns or more importantly the state party used to carry on and conceal this affair?

Mayes Your Typical Republican Squish and Hypocrite

Mayes is your typical Republican squish in Sacramento who is more concerned with advancing his own political career than fighting for the people who elected him. Well that, and using taxpayer and Republican Party money to help pay for his sexual trysts with a colleague.

In the district and during election cycles he presents himself as a stalwart conservative warrior who will fight for the principles and values important to his constituents. In Sacramento, he is more interested in being liked and respected by his Democrat colleagues and the media so he refuses to take principled stands on issues that might offend those on the left.

Mayes has demonstrated an unwillingness to advance an "America First" agenda as an elected official calling President Trump​'s nationalist agenda "divisive." He also follows the moderate GOP playbook that discourages opposition to illegal immigration. Mayes believes that strong stances against the illegal alien invasion is detrimental to the party.

He spends more time treating his Twitter feed like a high school yearbook tending to his bromance with Speaker Rendon. When he isn’t fawning over the liberal like a school girl with a crush on the school’s star quarterback, he loves to compliment colleagues on how nice their hair looks.

But, his feed is devoid of any mention of any serious matters of concern to his conservative voters.​ Whether it is gay and lesbian issues, illegal immigration, radical Islamic terrorism, etc., he is silent. Who has time for that stuff in the most liberal state in the nation?

If you go to his campaign website you see that he doesn't take a position on issues. He just expects to be elected because, well, he says he is a conservative and he lives in a conservative district. Oh yeah, and he is a good little church boy.

Though it has now been deleted since he filed for divorce from his wife, his website used to say the following:

​Chad and his wife Shanon live in their lifelong hometown of Yucca Valley. The son of a pastor, he is a committed Christian and leader in his local church. A former Financial Advisor and Registered Tax Preparer, Chad shares ownership in a local small business with his brother. Chad is a graduate of Liberty University.

His campaign motto was: "Effective. Thoughtful. Trusted. A new generation of leader."

Hmm. Betraying marital vows and campaign promises sounds an awful lot like every other generation of leader before him.

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