New GOP Leader Takes Strong Stance on Sexual Misconduct Allegations

The last few months I have been very critical, some would argue hypercritical, of the California Republican Party and the GOP leadership in the legislature.

This is primarily the result of an arrogant, egotistical maniac in the form of Assemblyman Chad Mayes. Had he exhibited any character whatsoever and honorably stepped down from his leadership position the week of his "cap and trade" vote, all of the successive hostilities would have never materialized.


Now that Mayes has been deposed, a new leader installed, and the "summer of rage" has concluded, it is time to recognize and praise our new leadership when they do things right. It is also time to start expending energy towards a productive purpose of ultimately advancing the principles and values we support as opposed to merely seeking to destroy and punish.

Assemblyman Brian Dahle replaced the disgraced Mayes. He is now faced with the unenviable position of dealing with sexual assault allegations we have levied against Assemblyman Devon Mathis.​

On Saturday, Dahle issued a public statement, in coordination with Senate Republican Caucus Leader Patricia Bates, that was strong, unequivocal, and appropriately fair to Mathis, who is innocent until proven guilty.

Please see the statement below:

We commend Dahle and Bates for insisting that they will move to immediately expel any legislator or staff member found guilty of sexual assault. The people of this state want to see our elected leaders held accountable, not just to the voters, but by their own colleagues. 

​It is clear that with this being a statement put out on Dahle letterhead that this is in direct response to our allegations against Assemblyman Mathis.

Dahle is effectively sending the message that Republican leadership will not cover up or turn a blind eye to misconduct exhibited by their own colleagues -- and I truly hope this extends to issues of votes and policy in the future as well.​

Some of our activists have expressed disappointment that Mathis was not directly mentioned. I believe this is an unfair criticism for several reasons:

  1. Mathis is innocent until proven guilty.
  2. The only publicly available information is our claim to have two sources and that they have told us they will speak to authorities, if asked.
  3. Why single out Mathis when we all know there are several other scandals that are on the verge of breaking​?

​Shame on Democrat Leadership

​The real question is why have Speaker Anthony Rendon or Senate President pro Tem Kevin de Leon stood in silence in response to our allegations about Assemblyman Mathis?

Last week, more than 140 female staffers and legislators​ signed a letter condemning the toxic and abusive working conditions the women working for the legislature endure. Rendon and de Leon gave lip service to the plight of these women. They provided the sound bite or the quote for the paper, but where is the action? Where is the follow through?

When American Children First levied these sexual assault allegations against Mathis', it was believed to be the first naming of names involving a legislator​ in the nation. This wasn't something we took lightly.

Where is the public statement by Rendon or de Leon stating that they will fully investigate these allegations? Not only did we allege sexual assault, we also alleged instances of possible sexual harassment -- multiple alleged victims.

​Perhaps, one of those reasons is that they know there are at least a couple of Democrat colleagues in the legislature that have been circulating the politico rumor mill. They are unsure of the unknown and fear that several will be named in the coming days and weeks.

Thank you to Assemblyman Brian Dahle and Senator Pat Bates for stepping up and speaking out on a very delicate and difficult situation. Hopefully, Democrat leaders will follow your example.​

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Joseph Turner

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