NOT CLICKBAIT: California Republican Party Calls Serial Child Rapist a “Hero”

In my younger days of Republican activism when I worked for a state legislator, we commonly referred to a group of Democrat legislators as the "Pervert Caucus" given their penchant to promote bills that relaxed the punishments given to sex offenders and other such nonsense. Some of you might remember the names Mark Leno and Jackie Goldberg.

Anyway, I never thought I would live to see the day when the California Republican Party itself became the "Pervert Caucus." What the hell happened?


Sick Tweet, Bro!

It was recently brought to my attention that the California Assembly Republican Caucus led by Assemblyman Chad Mayes (Yucca Valley) hailed a serial child rapist as a "hero" in a May 22 tweet. This is not an April Fools' Day joke. 

Here is the tweet:

​For those of you who do not know, Harvey Milk was a sex predator that feasted on young boys and runaways with substance abuse problems. He would take these troubled youngsters fending for themselves -- who needed the basic items of life provided to them like food and shelter -- and then have sexual intercourse with them.

The Mayor of Castro Street” was a Milk biography that documented his appetite for young boys. Written by his friend Randy Shilts, the openly gay journalist who wrote for The Advocate and is widely respected in the homosexual community, it recounts Milk’s sexual exploits with children and his “penchant for young waifs with substance abuse problems.”

It also detailed the sexual relationship between a mid-thirties Milk and a 16-year-old Jack McKinley.

Shilts would write that Milk regularly engaged in man-boy sexual relations stating that he "always had a penchant for young waifs with substance abuse problems."

Milk is celebrated by the left and held up as some sort of icon simply because he was the first openly gay person in California to be elected to public office.

Yep. The same idiot leftists marauding all over the American countryside demanding the removal of Confederate monuments and statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson turn a blind eye to a man who raped boys. Nice.

But more disconcerting is that Republican leaders in California have embraced Milk and/or refused to renounce this praise heaped on Milk by Assemblyman Mayes and his paid staffers.

Anatomy of a Tweet​

Assemblyman Chad Mayes has his own personal Twitter account here and his state legislator account here and then there is the GOP Assembly Caucus account here. In fact, I am not sure what he has more of -- Twitter accounts or mistresses.

But I digress.

Back to this Twitter thingy. From what I understand all tweets made by the caucus account which posted the Milk tweet must be approved by Joe Justin. Justin is Mayes' Chief of Staff and also an "out of the closet" supporter of former President Barack Obama. He also was the architect for Mayes "cap and trade" compromise which produced the largest gas tax in American history. read that correctly. The leader of the California Assembly Republican Caucus is being counseled and advised by a liberal who supported Barack Obama.

Nice to see Mayes following his mentor Arnold Schwarzenegger's playbook so diligently. First, Mayes cheated on his wife and then he became a RINO sellout who voted for more taxes and more government. And, if you don't remember, Arnie hired a gay liberal named Susan Kennedy to be his chief political aide. I do not know if Justin himself is gay, but he does like to dress up.

I is tough enough for Republicans to get staffing jobs as it is in this state. It doesn't help when the top GOP leaders are hiring leftists to sabotage our conservative efforts.

But again...back to the tweet.​

As you can see on the tweet itself, several Republican staffers liked it. This includes Mayes' press secretary Matt Mahon and his Digital Communications and Outreach director Nick Mirman.

It doesn't end there. Nope.

​David Creager is the Chief of Staff for Assemblyman Dante Acosta. I gave him an opportunity to disavow Milk but instead he decided to call me a "eunuch, cuck, and a troll." He then sobered up, apparently, and deleted his nasty comments -- but I saved them.

Even his wife told me he was out of line and disavowed his comments. Sad.

George Andrews is the Chief of Staff for Assemblyman Tom Lackey. Apparently, he thinks Milk is a hero, too. Not only did he like the tweet he tried to defend him simply because he was dead.

Andrews knows very little about Milk. Because milk wasn't killed because he was gay. What a nonsensical claim.

​Then there is Mike Zimmerman. He is the political director for the Assembly Republican Caucus. Under his expert six-figure leadership, we managed to lose three assembly seats in 2016.

He repeatedly refused to disavow Harvey Milk or explain why the tweet was not taken down. Apparently, calling child rapists heroes is how to win elections nowadays. You can view the exchange here.

Oh. The hits keep on coming. Sue Caro is the Regional Vice-Chair of the California Republican Party and she voted against the CRP resolution calling for Mayes to resign. She apparently likes child rapists, too.​

And so does Assemblyman Chad Mayes and Assemblywoman Catherine Baker.​ Which is pretty crazy since Baker apparently has school-aged twins. Maybe they are twin girls and not in the wheelhouse of the likes of predators like Harvey Milk.

Will GOP Leaders Disavow?​

Will the California Republican Party disavow this tweet? What about each of the 58 county central committees -- especially the San Diego County Republican Central Committee which has hired Sage Naumann to be the "Acting Executive Director"?

What about any of our state legislators -- especially the 23 other members of the Assembly Republican Caucus?​

I will keep you updated.​

But as of appears that child rape is the new family value for the California Republican Party. ​

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