NY Times Reporter Caught Red-handed Stealing Photo from Local Reporter; Refuses to Admit It

New York Times reporter Jonathan Martin was called out on Twitter by Bozeman Daily Chronicle reporter Whitney Bermes for stealing her photo of the summons issued to Greg Gianforte.


Gianforte is the Republican congressional candidate seeking to fill the open vacancy in today's special election who was charged with body slamming a reporter yesterday.

Needless to say, given the tight nature of the race according to some polls, the fact that several newspapers have rescinded their endorsements, and the idea that a Republican loss in this red state would serve as some sort of referendum on the Trump administration, the New York Times is hungry to beg, borrow, and steal anything they can to advance their narrative.

Here is what Ms. Bermes posted a couple hours ago.

​Here is what Jonathan Martin posted:

​Bermes quickly pounced and rightfully so:

​Martin played dumb while getting crucified by critics of the fake news and New York Times. He replied:

​You can best believe there will be some sort of apology or retraction coming very soon. Here is a link to the images side by side (click to enlarge) as posted by the Bozeman Daily Chronicle's online editor:

Side by side comparison of Whitney Bermes' photo and what NY Times reporter Jonathan Martin posted

The New York Times is known to post fake news and also engage in biased reporting.

Should any of us be shocked when a paper that repeatedly refers to illegal aliens at undocumented immigrants actually employs a journalist who believes in undocumented citations and credits for source materials? Martin has a propensity to play fast and loose with facts and the truth.

The media lies. It's what it does.​

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