Obama Campaign Researcher Deletes Twitter Account After Horrible Tweet About Texas & Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey struck Houston this week and it is sadly bringing out the worst in many leftists who have either rejoiced in the carnage or expressed indifference simply because the state voted Republican.

Comments by random Twitter trolls and "nobodys" on social media is one thing. But it is another when you see public figures or professionals engage in such behavior in such a public way.


Take Bruce Alan Beal -- the owner of a Chicago-based Beal Research that once spent six months working on focus groups for the Obama campaign. He took to his now deleted Twitter account to fire off this vile comment:

Obama Supporter Goes Low with Texas Tweet

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Whatever happened to going high when they go low? Whatever happened to showing just an ounce of decency and concern for your fellow Americans -- regardless of how they voted?

I mean...never mind the fact Houston undoubtedly has one of the largest population of Democrat voters in the state.

Google cache currently has his Twitter account stored. In his profile description area it reads: "​Trying to be in the world, but not of the world."

Beal is another one of those supposedly progressive and tolerant individuals on the left. They talk a big game about welcoming diversity and free thought but it is all a farce.

Here is an example from his Twitter feed:

In addition to ​helping the Obama campaign, Beal also donated to Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign in 2016. Here is a screenshot of publicly available information from the Federal Elections Commission.

​Although Beal may have deleted his Twitter account, he still has a Disqus profile up for the time being. Here is an example of him ranting about the Orlando nightclub shooting claiming that the NRA and Donald Trump were rooting for more massacres and calling the radical Islamic terrorist "a Republican hitman."

I mean...really?​

After enjoying Obama for eight years and already counting their Hillary Clinton eggs before they hatched, American leftists are still struggling with the reality that they lost. Who would have thought that this temper-tantrum would have stretched from November to August?

Will President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton disavow this nasty rhetoric? We doubt it.​

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