Open Borders Dem Scrubs Sex Predator Endorsement; Silent on Conyers & Franken

A open borders amnesty supporting democrat challenging Congressman Ed Royce (R-Fullerton) proudly announced the endorsement of a sex predator before silently scrubbing it from his website and social media.


On November 1 the Gil Cisneros for Congress campaign proudly trumpeted the endorsement of California State Senator Tony Mendoza. You can view the Google cache link here. We have also taken a screenshot in the event that Google deletes the cache page (click to enlarge). 

Mendoza has been caught up in the sexual harassment scandal that has embroiled the California legislature. He, along with now disgraced Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra who resigned this week, have been identified as sexual predators preying on women working in the capitol.

Though Bocanegra tried to hang on to his job he ultimately resigned. Mendoza has seemingly resisted calls to step down even as he has been stripped of committee leadership positions. Anchor baby Senator Kevin de Leon, Mendoza's roommate of many years who undoubtedly knew about these shenanigans, aggressively moved to distance himself from the scandal and save his bid for United States Senate by moving out.

Interestingly, the day before trumpeting the Mendoza endorsement the Cisneros campaign called upon Congressman Royce to denounce right-wing provocateur ​Milo Yiannopoulos who was slated to speak at Cal State Fullerton.

However, Cisneros has refused to denounce sex predators like Mendoza and Bocanegra in our state's capitol. And if you look at his Twitter feed he hasn't made one comment denouncing or condemning the Senator Al Franken or Congressman John Conyers for their history of sexual assault and harassment.

Even though Nancy Pelosi publicly called upon Conyers to resign, Cisneros refuses to disavow and denounce sex predators elected to public office.​

Odd. His Twitter page boasts the endorsement of individuals and groups that fight for women's rights.

​Why doesn't he have the courage to stand up and do the right thing? How can you claim to be an advocate for "women's rights" but silent on the victimization of women by powerful men.

You would think that in return for those endorsements he could at least condemn sex predators in the very same legislative ​body that he wants to work in. Or is that asking too much?

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