Pederasts, Druggies & Slumlords: Dem Insider Unloads in Email; Hints More CA Dems Facing Sex Scandals

A blistering email sent out by a Sacramento insider in defense of now disgraced Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra hinted that plenty of other Democrats in the state capitol have engaged in sexual misconduct.


Presumably written by a male staffer and possibly by a current or former Bocanegra employee, the email scathingly rebukes the "hypocrisy, puritanism, and a witch hunt hit Sacramento" before going on to list several names, including one of Assemblyman Matt Dababneh's accusers.

  • Democrat Party Chairman Eric Bauman accused of ​sexually fondling and harassing underage males
  • Assemblyman "Masturbator" Matt Dababneh's accuser slammed for being a druggie
  • Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia called  a slumlord

We are pasting the entire missive titled "Meet the Cast of Characters Who Brought Down Raul Bocanegra" below for your reading pleasure. The unknown author concludes the email with an announcement that a "Part 2" would be released at a later date.

If you have any additional information about any of the individuals or incidents below, please get in touch with us so that we can investigate further.

Meet the Cast of Characters Who Brought Down Raul Bocanegra

Because “Everyone Is Human” … Except Straight, Single, Male Legislators!

And “everyone is innocent until proven guilty, everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt, everyone deserves a second chance,” etc. except straight, single male legislators.

Hypocrisy, puritanism, and a witch hunt hit Sacramento.

Eric “the Accused Pederast” Bauman: During his recent campaign for party chair, Bauman faced nasty allegations that he had had inappropriate relationships with young males. Newspapers documented well both the extensive whisper campaign Bauman faced and his reaction. Bauman insisted that smear campaigns happen in politics, and that he was the victim of one. Yet the minute Bocanegra was accused of far less serious things, Bauman hinted he should step down.

Hypocrisy: Bauman has allegedly groped, fondled, and sexually harassed half of the attractive males in politics, gay or straight, including many who were allegedly underage. Why does he get to sit in judgment on single male legislators? Why does the press not investigate? Is it because he’s gay?

Cristina “the DV Slumlord” Garcia: Garcia, despite allying herself with poverty pimps, is one of the wealthiest members of the Assembly, as Garcia and her family are well-known slumlords in Southeast LA. Yet Garcia violates every disclosure law with her Form 700s. Some years, she deigns to fill them out correctly revealing the extensiveness of her holdings, but most often she doesn’t. The number of sexual assaults and domestic violence calls that have occurred at Garcia and her parent’s slummy apartments are truly epic. Screen tenants better so domestic violence perpetrators don’t continue to victimize at your premises? Nah. Put in better lighting to increase public safety? Nah.

Hypocrisy: Garcia cares about these issues only if they advance her political career, not if they cost her money.

Anthony “Political Calculus” Rendon and Nancy “Rules Should Do Something!” Skinner. These two powerful lawmakers, as Speaker and former Chair of Assembly Rules, respectively, have known about the worst harassment cases for well over a decade and they didn’t do a goddamn thing until it was politically convenient. Let’s repeat that for those not paying attention: these two let the genuine predators roam free and the victims obtain no justice, until Rendon faced a speakership challenge from Bocanegra and Skinner wanted to kill Hertzberg’s chances of being pro tem. Disgusted much?

Hypocrisy: Their several floor speeches where they talk about folks in prison deserving a second chance. A man can beat a man near death, pistol whip a guy, beat a guy with a baseball bat, etc. and these liberals will talk about how society must give that person understanding and love. Even when these violent perps help foster a culture of fear and abuse in the neighborhoods they terrorize. So if you’re keeping score: a man violently assaults a man, and these libs will advocate letting him out of jail. A man grabs a woman’s ass, and these libs want to destroy him. You though the Puritans died out in the 1600s.

Jessica “Drug Haze Revenge” Yas. Yas has allegedly been fired, asked to leave, asked to resign, or faced major discord at every job she’s briefly held, and has stated to many in politics that she’ll have her revenge...and political office soon herself. After allegedly putting behind her a phase of alleged massive drug use, she wants to go full Rolling Stone. Yet she’s solicited numerous lawmakers again and again for funds (personal and political), jobs for her drug friends, and then reacted bizarrely when told no.

Hypocrisy: Yas took a position with Antonio Villaraigosa after his well-reported womanizing took place. He’s some with a real, extensively documented history of treating women poorly, yet she’s supporting him for Governor. Why?

Amy “Foulmouth” Brown: Amy Brown is a walking hostile work environment. Young lobbyists and staff, male and female, have long been subject to her excruciatingly detailed rants about her sex life, her body parts, etc. To give an example, young lobbyists and staffers had to listen in horror recently as she provided a group of male lawmakers every detail about “shaving her pussy.” This is a textbook hostile work environment.

Hypocrisy: Had a male acted like this, he’d face scandal. Plain and simple.

Adama “Do As I Say, Not As I Do” Iwu: It was an open secret in Sacramento that Iwu was allegedly having an affair with a powerful lawmaker. Mysteriously, the affair began when he got a powerful chairmanship, and ended when the chairmanship concluded. Some people said she was trading sex for influence.

Hypocrisy: Iwu’s behavior was completely inappropriate. It helps create the culture that she now complains of. You go girl? No. Where was the feminist empathy for the man’s wife? Where was your feminist thought, about the young female lobbyists who WEREN’T sleeping with lawmakers, and thus who didn’t get their bills treated better?

Erin “Do As I Say, Not As I Do” Norwood. When she was a little younger, Norwood aggressively courted lawmakers. Whether it was sending them naked pictures of herself via text, or propositioning and sleeping with a then-married Speaker. In other words, she had no problem making aggressive advances, many of which were unwanted. But then again society turns a blind eye against a young female blonde’s unwanted advances, because double standard much?

Hypocrisy: Now that she benefited from the environment she created, and allegedly traded sex for favors, she wishes to complain about it. It has nothing to do with the fact she’s pushing 40.

The LA Times’ Ethical Standards. When you drill it down, several of the women mentioned in the article on Raul just accused him of being a sometimes clueless single male. Who hasn’t sometimes misinterpreted a potential love interest and moved in for a kiss awkwardly? Under the LA Times’ new journalistic standards, anonymous accusations from opportunists, for things that occur daily at every high school in America, are enough to doom a good man’s career. Many of the people cited in the story subsequently gave money to Raul, asked him for political favors, etc. Did the Times question their motives and behavior and timing? No. They just piled on. The Times called dozens of people who vouched for Raul. The mix was probably 40 saying he was normal and 5-7 saying the opposite. But who in politics doesn’t have 5-7 enemies? This was a shocking lapse of editorial standards.

Hypocrisy: Will the Times look within and root out its own people who have done this? Hard working people don’t have time to date and they don’t go to places like church to get set up. Often their careers are too public to try online dating. So many date within their fields. Will the Times runs stories on its own editors and bosses who have done stupid things like moving in for a kiss somewhat awkwardly? Will it ruin their careers too?

In installment two, we will cover Christine Pelosi, Paula Treat, Samantha Corbin, and others.

Since 140 women signed a letter attesting to the hostile and sexually predatory climate of Sacramento back in October, four current members of the legislature have been alleged to have engaged in sexual misconduct.

In chronological order, they are: Assemblyman Devon Mathis, Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra, Senator Tony Mendoza, and Assemblyman Matt Dababneh.

Only Bocanegra has resigned. The other three are still under investigation with the others professing some degree of innocence.​

Few things rankle people more than the display of hypocrisy. And with a politician's default setting usually set to "knee-jerk reaction," it provides a fertile breeding ground for anger and retaliation.

One can only surmise that since the dam has broken and several Democrat legislators and leaders have their careers and reputations destroyed by sex scandals, that we are only going to see more and more bloodletting within their ranks.

Stay tuned. ​

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