Police Respond to Domestic Disturbance 9-1-1 Call By Wife of GOP Legislator

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department responded to a 911 domestic disturbance call made by the wife of California Assemblyman Marc Steinorth (R-Rancho Cucamonga), American Children First can exclusively report after coming into possession of official documents. 


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The 911 Call...

Our investigation confirms that on April 15, 2017, an out-of-breath Maria Steinorth called authorities asking for help -- claiming that her husband had taken her cell phone. It should be noted that Assemblyman Steinorth filed for divorce from his wife two months earlier according to public records.

American Children First requested a copy of the police report on September 12, but was denied access. Instead, officials with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department confirmed a 911 emergency call was placed and they provided the computer aided dispatch (CAD) records.

You can view the incident report here or click on the image below.

Though it appears no arrests were made and that the matter was resolved with Mr. Steinorth leaving the premises and the children staying the night with the grandparents, there are some serious issues of concern regarding this matter.

When American Children First broke the story about the affair between then Republican Assembly Leader Chad Mayes and current Vice-Chairwoman of the California Republican Party Kristin Olsen, we were tipped off to allegations of an affair between several current and former elected Republican legislators.

Apparently, in the California Republican Party everybody is sleeping with everybody else.​

Assemblyman Marc Steinorth takes a selfie with his chief of staff, Heather Rouhana

One such allegation that was fed to us by several sources was that Steinorth was having an affair with his Chief of Staff Heather Rouhana. We sat on this matter for months because it was nothing but pure, unsubstantiated speculation with the only evidence publicly available being the divorce proceedings.

Assemblyman Marc Steinorth files for divorce in February of 2017

However, we have received numerous reports that Ms. Rouhana was the alleged genesis for the heated argument between the Steinorths. Sources close to the Steinorths report that Ms. Steinorth confronted her husband after she stumbled upon a video in which both he and Rouhana were engaged in some sort of physical display of affection. The video was captured at the couple’s business on their own closed circuit monitoring system.

During the confrontation which reportedly took place outside the familial home in a gated Rancho Cucamonga  neighborhood with million dollar McMansions, we are told that Steinorth forcibly dragged his wife into the house so as to keep the matter from being a public spectacle. It is our understanding that Mr. Steinorth subsequently destroyed the video evidence.

Additionally, we have been informed that in the actual police report, Assemblyman Steinorth may have told the deputy responding to the call that his wife accused him of having an affair with one of his staffers. Unfortunately, due to the stonewalling by the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department we have been unable to corroborate this claim.

American Children First is calling upon Assemblyman Marc Steinorth to release a copy of the police report and respond to allegations that he is having an affair with one of his staff members.


To summarize this is what we know to be fact.

Assemblyman Steinorth filed for divorce from his wife in February of 2017. In April his wife called 911 reporting that they were arguing and that her husband had taken her phone. The matter was concluded with no arrests made.

We have also received numerous reports that Steinorth was having an affair with his chief of staff.

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Speculation that we cannot prove at this time consists of the following:

Marc Steinorth takes a picture with Heather Rouhana, his chief of staff.

- We have been told by numerous sources, including some close to the Steinorths, that the wife caught Steinorth on video engaging in inappropriate physical contact with his Chief of Staff Heather Rouhana.

- The video was subsequently destroyed by Mr. Steinorth. We are also told that there may be photographic evidence.

- Marc Steinorth physically pulled his irate wife into the house.

- In the police report, Steinorth states that his wife accused him of having an affair with one of his staffers.

Who is Heather Rouhana?

It should be noted that Heather Rouhana is said to have an “unhealthy” obsession with her boss on her Facebook page.

Numerous individuals who are friends with her have suggested that she fawns all over Steinorth in the way a young woman crushes on an older man and that it goes beyond simply posting the obligatory stuff many political staffers feel compelled to do on behalf of their boss.

And one cannot help but cringe at some photos of Rouhana with Steinorth and his children. If these allegations are true, there is no doubt that “Homewrecker Heather” and "Mendacious Marc" will have some ‘splainin’ to do.

Heather Rouhana posing with Assemblyman Marc Steinorth and his son.

But all is not lost. We are confident that given the California Republican Party’s proclivity to overlook adultery and pay lip service to family values in the party platform that she will always have a place on the staff of a member.

San Bernardino County Cover Up?

In July, American Children First activists targeted Assemblymen Chad Mayes and Marc Steinorth over their vote for the largest gas tax increase in American history.

Following the protest of a Mayes' fundraiser at the Ontario Mills Mall, which was abruptly cancelled by the cheating legislator, our group of activists drove a couple miles over to Steinorth's district office to confront him about his vote.

We were met by Rouhana who tried valiantly to defend Steinorth. At one point she argued that the gas tax wasn't a gas tax. Visibly frustrated and shaken, she summoned an emergency response so as to force us to leave the office. About three-dozen police officers from the California Highway Patrol and the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department responded in embarrassing fashion. You can see the video with 200,000 views below:

Apparently, it is illegal and tantamount to a live-action shooter situation for average pissed off Americans to show up to their legislator's office and rip them a new one for voting to raise their gas tax by 71 cents a gallon.​

With the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department refusing to release this police report involving an elected official, one must wonder if the system is seeking to protect and shield a legislator from controversy.​


What is Steinorth hiding?​

We once again call upon Assemblyman Steinorth to be open and transparent with the voters in his district by releasing this police report to clear up these questions. We are also concerned about the reports of domestic violence that he may have engaged in when he allegedly dragged his wife into their home or seized his wife's phone from her.

We also ask that he and Rouhana release their cell phone records, including call logs and text conversations. Additionally, we call upon them to release all emails sent to each other from either their government or personal accounts.

Stay tuned as we continue our quest for answers. If you have any additional information or tips, please send them our way.

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