POOF! The Greatest Story Never Sold: How I Single-handedly Stopped a Book Launch…

It is with great sadness that I must report to you that Assemblyman Marc Steinorth's "biography" listed on Amazon is no more. POOF! Gone. You missed it.

The 70-page thriller will not be racing up the New York Times best seller list.


Marc Steinorth paid someone to write his 70 page biography. Sad.

Just hours after American Children First exposed the "self-promoting" biography that was obviously paid for by Steinorth himself, the listing has been scrubbed from the leading online retailer.

As funny and amusing as that is...it pales to the unintentional humor from Amazon. The broken link page now features random dogs with text telling the reader that they could not find what they were looking for.

Meet "Waffles.":

Marc Steinorth's Amazon listing for his biography is no longer available. But "Waffles" is cute, isn't he?

Yes. That is right. The state legislator that has made a name for himself with pet adoption events and pet rescue legislation now has Amazon showcasing canines on their site whenever you attempt to visit the old listing page for his biography.

And "Waffles" is so fitting considering that Steinorth once railed against "cap and trade" during the 2016 election cycle (see video below), before betraying us and voting for it in 2017.​

I cannot make this up. Like we said in our previous post on the matter...truth is stranger than fiction.

I must confess that I am monumentally heart-broken.

I placed an order for the Steinorth pamphlet late last night and thought about holding off on publicizing the story until I had the book in hand. Now I suspect there is a chance that the delivery will be canceled and I will be unable to get an inside and up close look at the life of this uber-successful politician who voted for the largest gas tax increase in American history while sleeping with his chief of staff, allegedly.

My goal was to take it to the upcoming Redlands Republican Women's club and get him to sign it.​

For those who think I am joking about the order. I am not. I really did order this bad boy. See below:

I believe I may have been the first and only order for the Marc Steinorth biography available on Amazon.

If you would like to read more blog posts where we expose the betrayals of Assemblyman Marc Steinorth, please take a look at our "Steinorth Files" page.

Joseph TurnerExecutive Director, American Children First

Assemblyman Marc Steinorth betrayed the people of California when he violated his promise and voted for the "cap and trade" bill that will raise the price of gas by 71 cents per gallon. Votes have consequences and we intend to make him pay. 

Grab some popcorn and follow along with us over at "The Marc Steinorth Files." I guarantee you are going to enjoy the happy ending.

Maybe this is only a temporary set back and the authors pulled it to update the tome with the latest news on his alleged affair, physical assaults, and mental health issues.

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