The Marc Steinorth Files: Exposing the Betrayals

In July of 2017, Assemblyman Marc Steinorth voted for the largest gas tax increase in American history when he and a few other Republican members of the California Assembly crossed over and joined Democrats to vote for the "cap and trade" bill.

Since that time, Steinorth and those other Republican in Name Only (RINO) sell-outs have been on our radar. American Children First and a coalition of Southern California patriot activists have protested him at his office and sought to bring public attention to his betrayal.

Below will be a list of several major blog posts exposing Assemblyman Marc Steinorth. If you are seeking a comprehensive list of all articles referencing Assemblyman Steinorth, please click here.

  • ​July 29: VIDEO: Three Dozen Cops Called on Activists who Crash Office of Republican Who Voted for 71 Cent Gas Tax
  • July 31: VIDEO: ACF Confronts SB County GOP Central Committee Members on Mayes, Steinorth and Gas Tax
  • Sept 26: Police Respond to Domestic Disturbance 9-1-1 Call By Wife of GOP Legislator
  • Sept 30: ACF Threatened with Defamation Lawsuit After Exposing GOP Legislator’s Domestic Disturbance Issues
  • Oct 1: Turner Responds to Threat of Defamation Lawsuit by Political Staffer for Assemblyman Marc Steinorth
  • Oct 3: Why We Hope a GOP Political Staffer Sues Us…But Know She Won’t!
  • Oct 6: BOMBSHELL: “Animal Rights” Legislator Admits to Endangering Own Children in Ugly Divorce Documents
  • Oct 6: Politician: My Wife Threatened to Harm My Staffer Over Affair Allegations
  • Oct 9: Wife of GOP Legislator: “I was dragged from the driveway”
  • Oct 12: GOP Legislator Allegedly Treated for Suicidal Thoughts and Depression
  • Oct 14: Arrogant Politician Claims His Last Name is a Brand; Bullies Wife to Take Her Maiden Name Back in Bitter Divorce
  • Oct 16: Estranged Wife of GOP Legislator Names Names Over Affair in Divorce Documents
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