Recapping the Capping of Chad Mayes: A Timeline of the Past Month

Tonight, the California Republican Party passed a resolution demanding that Assembly GOP Leader Chad Mayes (Yucca Valley) step down from his leadership position in what was a stunning and unprecedented rebuke.


On top of the more than two dozen county central committees and numerous Republican groups across the state, thirteen members of the CRP Board including Chairman Jim Brulte dropped the hammer on "Cheating" Chad Mayes.​

The vote capped off what had been a ferocious month long campaign waged by yours truly, along with scores of other activists, including Aaron Park and Joel Angeles.​

It was arguably the most intense and sustained attack against a state Republican leader by grassroots activists in the party's modern history. Making the effort even more impressive is that the grassroots base had been increasingly marginalized and purged by "Munger Money" and other establishment efforts to neutralize the impact and influence of the activists.

Let's recap the timeline:

Monday, July 17: Hours before the vote ​I dropped the bombshell about the affair between Mayes and Kristin Olsen. Up to this point, it was just water cooler whispers and cocktail party gossip. That all changed when I came into possession of a letter written by Olsen's estranged husband to Speaker Anthony Rendon. I would later learn that Aaron Park mentioned the Mayes affair about thirty minutes before I broke the story but he had not had the letter to confirm it.

​Later that evening, Chad Mayes and the "Swamp 8" would vote for the largest gas tax increase in American history.

The Recall Chad Mayes Facebook page created by David* goes online.

Tuesday, July 18: I called upon Mayes to resign his leadership position and became the first ​person in the state to endorse Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez to replace Mayes.

Later that day, the Sacramento Bee ran with our expose and the flood gates burst wide open. You can check out our "news archive" section which only features stories mentioning our organization.

On either the 18th or 19th, Republican National Committeewoman Harmeet Dhillon became the first GOP leader to call for Mayes resignation. It is one thing for an activist like myself to demand a resignation. It is another thing entirely for a leader in her position to take such a public and courageous stand. Republican National Committeeman Shawn Steel was on vacation at this time but also engaged at this time and throughout this process with Dhillon, as well.

Wednesday, July 19: David* is contacted by various individuals independently, including Joel Angeles, Aaron Park and myself. We have a four-way conference call/strategy meeting.

Thursday, July 20: Assembly Caucus calls special meeting but no action taken on Mayes.

Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez resigns from leadership and condems Mayes.​

The Riverside County Central Committee was going to be the first county party to meet (I believe) following the vote and Assemblyman Travis Allen was the keynote speaker. You damn well better believe I was going to be there.

It was a raucous and rowdy night at first. Some people didn't like how I confronted Assemblyman Allen and Chairman Jonathan Ingram (who I had never met at that point) locked horns almost leading to me getting thrown out. Frankly, I was out of line and had every right to be booted by Ingram. Thankfully, he was the bigger man and allowed me the opportunity to apologize for my behavior.

Later that evening, I was able to get Assemblyman Allen on record when I asked him a direct question about whether or not he believed Mayes should stay on as leader. He answered without hesitation: "No. I do not."

Riverside County summoned Mayes to the next meeting. A "no-show" would result in an automatic resolution calling for the removal of him as leader. Riverside County became the first county body to pass a resolution against the cap and trade bill and named all eight Republicans that voted for it.​

California Impact Republicans pass resolution asking Mayes to resign, believed to be the first Republican group to do so.

Sunday, July 23: Six County Chairmen sign letter calling for Mayes to resign representing the first county party committees/leaders to take public position on Mayes.

Tuesday, July 25: San Diego and Orange County Chairs call on Mayes to resign.​

American Children First exposes 2016 campaign video from when he attacked his opponent Abigail Medina for supporting cap and trade. Steinorth would subsequently delete it from his YouTube account.

Thursday, July 27: American Children First organizes protest at Assemblyman Chad Mayes fundraiser which he cancelled.

We also led a cohort of activists to Assemblyman Marc Steinorth's office. In a most surreal fashion, about three dozen cops and a helicopter were called to escort us out of the building (see video below with nearly 200,000 views or click here for the full version).

Friday, July 28: American Children First calls for a protest of the San Bernardino County Central Committee meeting to be held the next day in Rancho Cucamonga at the Victoria Gardens Mall. The meeting was to feature State Chairman Jim Brulte. At about 9:30 that night, County Chairwoman Jan Leja sends out an email announcing that the meeting is being moved to her residence in Oak Glen.

Saturday, July 29: Undeterred, our band of activists drive out to her house and confront members of the central committee as they walk in.

Thursday, August 3: We met with Assemblyman Marc Steinorth and grilled him on his "Dem-Lite" position.

Then the Redlands Tea Party Patriots meeting with about 200 patriots takes place. Gregory Brittain, Tim Donnelly, and myself excoriate Mayes and Steinorth while Assemblyman Jay Obernolte sits in front table with his wife.​

Saturday, August 5: Aaron Park returns from vacation after having minimal access to internet and civilization. He enters the campaign against Mayes full throttle after having limited communication with various members of the caucus.

Thursday, Aug 10: San Bernardino County Central Committee met with questions about whether or not Mayes would show up and account for his vote. I was able to track him down on video as he tried to sneak in the back entrance to the hotel using the loading docks. ​San Bernardino County refused to let anyone tape or record the meeting. And they did not let any non-members ask questions.

San Bernardino voted 23-16 in demanding he resign his leadership position.

Sunday, August 13: I acquire recording of San Bernardino County Central Committee meeting and start leaking clips of Chad Mayes stumbling and bumbling through his state of hubris.

Thursday, August 17: The Riverside County Central Committee meeting met in what was easily the largest and most rowdy meeting of them all. More than 300 people gathered in a standing room only hall at the Mission Inn to listen to Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez excoriate the failed leadership of Mayes. References to Mayes were repeatedly met with boos and jeers.

We even played a little "Chad Mayes Gas Card Bingo."

Mayes then spoke and took a few questions before scurrying out the side door. In a near unanimous vote, the committee called upon Mayes to resign.

San Diego County Republican Chairman Tony Krvaric was on hand to record the meeting.​

Friday, August 18: The California Republican Party, including Chairman Jim Brulte, took the unprecedented and historic step of calling upon Mayes to be removed from leadership. ​

Thank You

This was a multi-pronged attack and the timeline above does not begin to do justice to all the other contributions that were occurring simultaneously.  The onslaught was massive and unceasing.​

Needless to say there were many other moving parts and actions taking place that cannot be mentioned or have been left out due to length. There were also individuals involved in this process, some of whom cannot be named, that were extremely generous with their time, imparting of political knowledge, and willingly gave constructive feedback.

To them, I say: "Thank you."

​And to my fellow activists in our SoCal patriot family that have stood with me over the last several months, even before we got involved in this crusade against Mayes, your support, trust, and confidence in me and my abilities is humbling. Thank you.

But most importantly, this victory belongs to all of the rank and file grassroots activists who rose up in anger and took their party back from the likes of Munger and the other RINOs who have whored themselves out to the Third House and big corporate donors.

In closing, this was an organic revolt -- an explosion of energy that has united our base. So, where do we go from here?

First and foremost, the war is not over.

We must permanently remove Assemblyman Chad Mayes from leadership and cauterize the wound. Only then can the healing begin and this energy can be used to rebuild and advance our cause.

And I will address this in more detail in a follow up blog post.​

*Name may or may not be accurate, used to protect the identity of the guilty​

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