Republican Candidate Brags About Hiring Thousands of Illegal Aliens

UPDATE: The original video of Andy Waters admitting to hiring thousands of illegal aliens was originally uploaded by a member of the Facebook group: "Simi Valley Community Forum Simi Strong No Rules"

A Republican candidate running for local office in Ventura County, California has been captured on video bragging about the fact that he has hired thousands of illegal aliens to work his farms.

Moorpark farmer Andy Waters is seeking to become the Fourth District Supervisor which also encompasses Simi Valley and surrounding unincorporated areas.

The jaw-dropping admission occurred when he spoke at an April 20 dinner hosted by Simi Valley/Moorpark Republican Women Federated club.


Meanwhile, the Simi Valley City Council unanimously voted against California's sanctuary state law, or SB 54, joining a growing list of cities and counties across the state that have joined in the revolt over the last month. Interestingly, one of Waters' opponents in the race is Simi Valley Mayor Bob Huber, who has been a staunch opponent of illegal immigration and sanctuary city policies.

Waters (click here for his Facebook page) was apparently under the impression that his comments were not being recorded and would not be divulged to the public.

See the embedded video below:

Waters Expresses Support for Amnesty & DACA Illegals

In addition to brazenly admitting that he violated employment laws by hiring illegal aliens, Waters openly expressed support not just for DACA amnesty, but amnesty for all illegals who are supposedly "productive people."

Claims to Pay Illegals $25-30 hr.

Another stunning statement was Waters' assertion that he pays illegal aliens $25-30 an hour to work his farms. Of course, it is all legal he says because he has filled out all the "proper paperwork."

​Admission Proves Immigration Hardliners Correct

Immigration hardliners have long argued that employers knowingly hire illegal aliens even when they know the documents they are being presented are falsified or even worse, stolen from innocent Americans.

In the mind of Waters, an illegal alien stealing an American's identity and ruining their credit profile is just part of being a "productive" person. 

We have long argued that cracking down on employers of illegal aliens would do more to benefit this country and the American worker than simply building a wall. Employers who flout our immigration and employment laws need to be punished, prosecuted and thrown in jail.

Trump Administration = No Talk, No Action on E-Verify

Yet, under the Trump Administration there has been minimal workplace enforcement. As often as Trump has been rolled by the Democrats and the GOP establishment when it comes to abandoning his promise to build a border wall -- you would think he would at least crack the hammer on workplace enforcement.

However, President Trump seemed to put zero effort or energy into any attempt to include E-Verify requirements in the bloated omnibus package. Of course, the California legislature passed a law prohibiting businesses from using the system and now have become a sanctuary state.

Will the feds do anything with respect to Waters and his own admission that he is screwing over his own country by hiring illegal aliens and allowing the taxpayers to subsidize their existence in this country?

We live in a world where the illegal aliens claim to be undocumented and unafraid. We give them free education, in-state college tuition, driver licenses, free health care, entitlement programs, and on and on. We allow employers to break the law over and over.

Meanwhile, an American citizen gets a $500 fine for bringing an  apple provided by Delta Airlines into the country without declaring it through customs.

Thanks to Trump selling out on the horrible omnibus bill we have border walls being built with American dollars in the Middle East not on our own border. I mean...he only promised it at every damn campaign stop.

Oh, but Chuckie Schumer got his beloved tunnel project between New York and New Jersey. Can you believe that? The leader of the minority party gets his own project funded while the president's singular campaign promise gets the shaft?

What next, Schumer going to just ask for a couple of billion to fund some tunnels underneath ​the US-Mexico border in next year's budget?

Not because there will be a wall -- but probably so all the illegals can cross in a cool tunnel that will protect them from the hot sun.​

What a joke!​

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