Sacramento PD Closes “Investigation” into Mathis Sex Assault Allegations

Just hours after the Sacramento Police Department told the Visalia Times-Delta that they were in the middle of an extensive investigation into the sexual assault allegations against Assemblyman Devon Mathis and still needed to interview several witnesses, the department shockingly announced that they were closing the investigation.


Investigators did not contact our sources and the department refused to acknowledge whether or not the alleged victim answered any questions.

Joseph Turner 
American Children First

A spokesperson for the police department sent out the following email to media outlets and to American Children First after we requested a copy. It reads:

​The Sacramento Police Department received information regarding Assemblyman Devon Mathis on October 19th, 2017. The allegations were investigated, however Detectives were unable to substantiate that a crime occurred. At this time the case has been closed.

I responded:

Thank you for the prompt response. Did investigators contact the alleged victim? And if so, did she answer any questions asked by the investigators?

Sacramento PD responded as follows:

Because of the nature of the investigation (confidentiality laws), I can not comment on the case.

Here is a screenshot of the exchange (click image to enlarge):

Here is what we know about the investigation conducted by Sacramento PD -- next to nothing!

The Sacramento Police Department never contacted our two sources or myself to discuss the alleged sexual assault. We also have no idea if they even secured a statement from the alleged victim.

Nor do we have any information to suggest that investigators requested email, cell phone or text records from any of the individuals involved in this alleged incident.​

For all we know, all the individuals involved simply circled the wagons and refused to answer any questions. If that is the case, did investigators even attempt to seek out information from other individuals or sources?

Since we broke the story a month ago, we have spoken to numerous individuals in Tulare County and others with connections to the capitol. To our knowledge not one of these individuals were contacted by police investigators.

What is incredibly troubling about this whole episode is one could reasonably assume that once an allegation of this magnitude is published that other individuals might come forward with information. We have seen this pattern repeat itself over and over in Hollywood, Sacramento, and now Washington, D.C.

Since we broke the story we have been provided additional information that has only reinforced our belief that something improper happened that night between Mathis and his staffer. We have also received numerous reports about Mathis conduct with other women in Sacramento and his district.

You tell us -- under what scenario does a recently hired staffer abruptly quit her position without notice the Monday after she joined a legislator and others for drinks a few days prior?

Perhaps, the ongoing investigation into the Mathis allegations by the California Assembly will help shed some light on what exactly happened that night.

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