School District Smears Immigration Activist; Stonewalls Public Information Request

Earlier this month it was discovered that Ocean View School District (OVSD) in Orange County, CA filed for a temporary restraining order against anti-illegal immigration activist Raymond Herrera.

​District staff and school board president Gina Clayton-Tarvin attempted to destroy the reputation of Mr. Herrera, suggesting that he was a physical threat to open borders advocate Ms. Clayton-Tarvin. A superior court judge rejected the filing.


The district put out a press release claiming that Herrera's videotaping and posting of livestreams on Facebook somehow encouraged violent and hateful threats against Clayton-Tarvin. They further accused Herrera of "liking" a comment by a follower that allegedly suggested that she should be raped and assaulted.

You can check out Raymond Herrera's Facebook page here.​

Immigration hardliner Raymond Herrera

The press release stated that because of the inappropriate and violent nature of these comments, they would not quote them in the release but would release them to the media upon request.​

American Children First believes that any suggestion that someone should be sexually assaulted or raped over political differences is reprehensible. However, it is also very easy to mistakenly "like" posts inadvertently on Facebook and other social media platforms while using a cell phone. ​

Public Information Request Submitted

American Children First submitted a public information request seeking the documentation that OVSD promised to share with the media upon request. We also sought copies of any police reports that may have been filed against Herrera along with pertinent emails and a cost accounting of staff time devoted to filing this lawsuit.

You can read our public information request here.​

Our organization is deeply concerned that OVSD ​is:

  1. Attempting to stifle free speech and public dissent by an American patriot by filing for a temporary restraining order
  2. Attempting to ruin his reputation with vicious smears and innuendo
  3. Using taxpayer dollars that should be allocated to the education of our children to file petty, politically motivated lawsuits​

OVSD Responds to Request

This week we received a response from OVSD -- and they basically told us to stick our public information request where the sun doesn't shine!

It was quite amusing to see the contortions and legal mumbo jumbo they threw together in this letter to dissuade us from seeking transparency and accountability.

​One of our simple requests was copies of any email correspondence discussing Raymond Herrera going back to January 1, 2017. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to do a keyword search for "Raymond Herrera" to find any email string featuring a discussion about his supposedly menacing behavior.

How did the district respond?

As currently framed, your Request No. 1 exceeds the bounds of a reasonable public records request and also appears to seek personal communications made by every individual employed by the District.

Well, that is convenient. Are there even any emails or is this just a manufactured smear campaign?

We asked for dates and copies of any police reports filed by school staff or board members against Mr. Herrera. Surely, given the level of concern and fear that must be palpable over at OVSD there must be some police reports. No?

How did the district respond?

Nothing. It didn't even address the issue. Completely ignored it.

What about a calculation of taxpayer funds use to file this restraining order? Surely, the taxpayers have a right to know how much staff time, contracted legal services, and filing fees were paid for this -- don't we?

How did the district respond?

​This letter will serve as the District’s notice that producing the records requested may require such construction and/or programming. To the extent the District incurs any costs pursuant to § 6253.9, you will be notified of the same. Additionally, the District reserves the right to recover any direct costs associated with producing hard copies of disclosable records.

​According to OVSD, any request by taxpayers to demand an accounting or itemization of how taxpayer funds are spent on any project or activity will result in the person making the request paying for the privilege.

Okay, so what about those nasty Facebook comments that the district seemed eager to release to any member of the media should they request it?​

How did the district respond to our request for this information?

They ignored it completely.

So, here we have an elected official and school district staff smearing and attempting to silence an anti-illegal immigration activist.

But, they refuse to turn over any emails. They refuse to turn over any call logs. ​They refuse to turn over any police reports. And they refuse to turn over any Facebook documentation they seemed freely willing to provide to the public.

They refuse to turn over anything that would support their position.

If Herrera was such a threat, wouldn't the school district bend over backwards to release this information to the public?​

Stay tuned!​

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