SHOCK: CA DEM Chairman Allegedly Signs Secret Letter Accusing Fellow Board Member of “Rape”

A secret letter reportedly signed by the chairman for the California Democrat Party includes allegations that another member of their executive board raped a woman at a 2016 conference.


Chairman Eric Bauman, along with three other executive board members, allegedly accused Region 2 Director Craig Cheslog of acting in an “inappropriate and sexually aggressive manner” towards a woman in a “Statement of Charges” letter dated November 29, 2017.

Submitted to Secretary Jenny Bach, the four statewide officers requested that the party initiate a process to remove Cheslog from his leadership position.

Craig Cheslog accused of rape in letter signed by California Democrat Party Chairman Eric Bauman

The letter, which only came to light within the last 48 hours, has been circulated by a long time Democrat activist from Contra Costa County. The letter shockingly cites a rape allegation levied against Cheslog by an unnamed woman. It reads:

“Further, witnessing this activity triggered a reaction in one of our members who subsequently reported to our Chair that Mr. Cheslog had raped her at a CDP Executive Board meeting the previous year.”

Cheslog is a party insider who used to work as a district director for former Assemblyman Tom Torlakson before becoming his “principal advisor” once Torlakson was elected to become the State Superintendent of Public Instruction. He is currently a member of the Acalanes Union High School District Board of Trustees.

Repeated efforts to confirm the authenticity of the letter and seek out comments by Cheslog or a representative from the California Democrat Party were ignored. A party staffer that we spoke to stated that communications director John Vigna had confirmed receipt of our message to her via text late yesterday afternoon in a follow up call this morning. We were told that Mr. Vigna was unavailable because he was in a meeting with Chairman Bauman.

Sex Scandals Hammer CA DEM Party

The alleged misconduct by Cheslog occurred while the California Democrat party was in the midst of an unfolding sexual harassment and assault scandal that had ensnared Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra and Senator Tony Mendoza.

Mendoza has been stripped of committee assignments and Bocanegra announced his resignation just two days before this letter on November 27.

A third scandal unfolding after this episode forced Matt Dababneh (D-Woodland Hills), also known as the “Capitol Masturbator,” to resign his office on December 8.

Leaks & Cover Ups

The last two months have been incredibly chaotic and damaging for the California Democrat Party that supposedly prides itself on being the great defenders and advocates of women. Insiders and loyalists have begun leaking emails and letters to online news sources and right wing blogs in an effort to secure justice and/or expose hypocrites.

It is clear that the California Democrat Party has attempted to cover up this scandal and handle the matter in house. How else can one explain why a rape allegation in a letter written two weeks ago and signed off by the party chairman has failed to be disclosed to the public or garner any media coverage in this environment?

It seems discussion about the letter and allegations have been percolating on Facebook posts and in Democrat groups. Carolyn Phinney, long-time activist and member of the Contra Costa County Democrat Central Committee, stated that she obtained the letter from an elected official. She has shared it several times.

It should be noted that I conversed with Ms. Phinney in her message board group and she objected to our criticism of Chairman Bauman. You can view the conversation here.

The letter was also sent to two online news sources, including a right-wing blogger named Aaron Park, in apparent frustration about the Democrat Party cover up.

The leaked letter comes just days after an anonymous email was sent to American Children First by a disgruntled Democrat staffer expressing frustration at how Assemblyman Bocanegra had been ousted over allegations. Ironically, the Bocanegra defender fired a shot across Chairman Bauman's bow when they referenced allegations that he had engaged in pederasty.

During his recent campaign for party chair, Bauman faced nasty allegations that he had had inappropriate relationships with young males...Bauman insisted that smear campaigns happen in politics, and that he was the victim of one. Yet the minute Bocanegra was accused of far less serious things, Bauman hinted he should step down.

We cannot speak to the veracity of these pederasty allegations involving Bauman. However, if we are to take his claim that this is a smear campaign at face value, it would suggest that Bauman would be especially sensitive about signing on to any letter containing a rape allegation.

By signing the letter it implies that the rape accusations against Cheslog are credible. Moreover, the online news site East County Today reported that Cheslog had been fired from his current employer, Common Sense Media.

In a statement from Corbie Kiernan, VP of Communications:

On Wednesday November 29, we received information about highly inappropriate behavior by Craig Cheslog, who was an employee of Common Sense at the time. The conduct represented a serious violation of both company policy and the way in which our employees are expected to conduct themselves in the community at large. We immediately suspended Mr. Cheslog and conducted an investigation. As a result of the investigation, Mr. Cheslog’s employment with Common Sense was terminated.

The Real War on Women

Democrats perennially trot out the "war on women" attack ads against Republican candidates. However, it is becoming clear that the real war on women is being waged by sex predators in the California Democrat Party and that they are being aided and abetted by fellow Democrats.

Assembly Raul Bocanegra sexually groped a female staffer when he too was a staffer. Even though the California Assembly Rules Committee, which serves as the human resources department, had punished Bocanegra for these actions, he was still endorsed and supported by the party establishment.

Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner was the chairwoman of the committee in 2012 when Bocanegra ran for office. When a group of women sought any records relating to sexual harassment allegations so that they could inform voters, Skinner stonewalled them and protected him despite claims that she is a vocal supporter of women's rights.

Now we have the chairman of the state party and the entire executive board covering up a rape scandal.

How can voters take Democrats seriously when their leaders continually violate women and efforts to out and expose these transgressions are covered up and hidden, especially by other Democrat women?

You can read the letter by clicking the image below:

Letter Sent by CA DEM Party Chairman Eric Bauman and others about Craig Cheslog rape allegations.

UPDATE: Since this original article was posted the California Democrat Party Women's Caucus issued a statement, which can be view here.

Additionally, we have received confirmation from a very reliable source that the California Democrat Party has notified Cheslog that they have begun the process of seeking his removal from the executive board. However, this individual could not confirm the authenticity of the letter.​

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