Source: California State Legislator Sexually Assaulted Unconscious Staffer after Night Out Drinking

A gathering at a Sacramento watering hole for drinks by a member of the California legislature and some legislative staff culminated with the official allegedly sexually assaulting a drunk and unconscious staffer. This is according to a highly credible and well-placed source who provided us with written assurances that they would reaffirm these statements with legal authorities, if asked.


A timeline and specific details of the assault along with information about other instances of sexual harassment were provided by this source to American Children First. A second individual unaware of our contact with our primary source provided additional corroboration.

Based on the quality of the sources and the detailed specifics of the accusations, American Children First is submitting a letter to the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office requesting that they open a criminal investigation into the alleged sexual assault perpetrated by Assemblyman Devon Mathis (R-Visalia).

If true, the information presented suggests that Assemblyman Mathis is a sexual predator with multiple victims of some form of harassment or assault.

Though we will not share a copy of the letter at this time, nor will we name any of the alleged victims, we will provide the sickening and disturbing details as relayed to us.

The Beginning

Shortly after American Children First exposed the affair between Assemblyman Chad Mayes and California Republican Party Vice-Chairwoman Kristin Olsen, we engaged in an aggressive grassroots campaign to punish the Republican legislators that voted for the largest gas tax increase in American history, aka the “cap and traitors.”

Early on, numerous individuals suggested we train our sights on Assemblyman Mathis. We were told that he had problems with alcohol and that he was an “aggressive pussy hound” with a penchant for following women to the bathroom at bars and clubs to hit on them. We were also told that the married father was in an open marriage and free to sleep with anyone he wants.

Uninterested in simply reporting TMZ-style gossip about an individual’s lasciviousness, we focused our energy on Mayes, Olsen and also Assemblyman Marc Steinorth.

However, several weeks ago before the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke, we received additional information about allegations of sexual harassment, groping, and sexual assault. During this time period we were able to lock down some sources. Undoubtedly, the Weinstein scandal aided us greatly.

The Night of the Sexual Assault

The following is based on the recounting of events as provided to us by our primary source. Once again we remind the readers that the source providing this information to us stated that "it's the truth" and that they would voluntarily affirm these events if requested by authorities.

On a Wednesday night in the spring of 2016, Assemblyman Mathis asked three staffers to do the “reception circuit around the Capitol.” Usually, only senior staff would accompany the legislator. However, on this evening Mathis insisted that the recently hired “Victim A” join him, the chief of staff, and another male staffer in making the rounds.

After the foursome completed the circuit at around 9:00 PM they went to the Coin-Op Restaurant on K Street in downtown Sacramento. Shortly thereafter, another woman who shall remain anonymous joined the group for food and drinks.

At around 10:00 PM, Mathis’ chief of staff leaves and heads home.

The rest of the group eventually leaves the restaurant and migrates back to the home of the remaining male staffer. The source states that all four continued to drink alcohol and smoke marijuana.

At some point “Victim A” gets very sick and the other female takes her to a guest bedroom to rest. She subsequently passes out.

Later, Assemblyman Mathis excuses himself to use the restroom. The inordinate length of his absence prompts the female to check in on him. Unable to locate him she proceeds to then check in on the “Victim A” whereby she discovers Mathis digitally penetrating her while she was unconscious.

The woman is disturbed by the situation and proceeds to say something to the effect of: “No, no, no! This is not happening in this house.”

Mathis leaves the room and heads to the front.

It is unclear if “Victim A” is awaken by the woman or if she becomes alert as a result of the commotion. Our source says that the woman talks to the victim, provides her with pajamas, and instructs her to go back to sleep.

During this period of time Mathis excuses himself to go outside to smoke a cigarette. The staffer goes outside to check on Mathis and discovers that the legislator has meandered into the backyard and is peeping inside the bathroom where “Victim A” is changing.

Eventually, Mathis is shepherded into an Uber and sent back to his hotel room. It is our understanding that Mathis does not rent a home in Sacramento and instead uses his per diem to live out of a hotel.

The following day, believed to be a Thursday, there is an uneasy tension in the office with “Victim A,” Mathis, and the male staffer all “acting weird.”

On either the immediate next Monday or the subsequent Monday, “Victim A” abruptly notifies the chief of staff that she had found a new job and that that was her last day. The irritated chief of staff expresses his frustration that she did not give him two weeks’ notice so that he could find a replacement.

Sexual Harassment is a Bi-Partisan Affair

Additionally, we were informed that Mathis sexually harassed at least two female staffers (Victim B and Victim C) working for Democratic members of the legislature as schedulers.

“Victim B” reportedly told Mathis’ chief of staff to tell his boss to “keep his hands off of me.” We are told that throughout 2016 Mathis’ repeatedly touched her and that she complained more than once. However, Mathis refused to heed these complaints.

“Victim C” encountered Mathis’ predatory behavior at the Legislative Baseball game in August 2016. We are told that she confronted Mathis’ legislative director and recounted the blunt advance made towards her at the event. Mathis allegedly said, “My chief of staff will be gone soon. We can get busy then.”

Victims and Enablers

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal there has been much talk about the victimization of women and their being shamed or intimidated into silence. Does one need be assaulted to be a victim?

Is it possible that individuals that are forced to clean up or overlook the unseemly and even criminal actions of a superior are victims, too?

One of the reasons we have elected to not identify any of Mathis’ staffers is that we believe that there may be some potential victimization there. Specific attention should be focused on the male staffer accompanying Mathis the night of the alleged sexual assault.

We are assuming that this individual never reported the alleged assault that night to legal authorities or officials within the California legislature. If true, is it not reasonable to conclude that had he done so that he may have been subsequently blackballed or had his career derailed?

I truly do not know.

However, our secondary source shared information with us that corroborated the sexual assault allegations. The source claimed that Mathis has stated that the male staffer has protected him in the past.

"[Staffer] protects me with the Victim A thing," says Mathis per the source. “[He] has my back. [He] has my six."

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