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What is a Utility User Tax?

The utility user tax (UUT) is a tax levied on various utility bills by more than 150 cities and counties in California. I have not researched other states to determine whether or not they also tax utilities.

The tax rate and the specific utilities that are taxed varies from one jurisdiction to the other. The most commonly taxed utilities are: landline telephones, cell phones and prepaid month-to-month wireless, cable, water and trash hauling services, as well as natural gas and electricity bills.

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VIDEO: City Clerk Refuses to Accept Filing Documents for Initiative to Defund Sanctuary City

If you have never been on the front lines with our coalition of patriot activists fighting against the illegal alien invasion, you might somewhat understandably look askance at some of our claims and believe that we aren't giving you the full story. Perhaps, you think we are exaggerating or allowing our own biases to color our perception of events.

And that is perfectly understandable. You should always have a healthy dose of skepticism when considering claims made by any group. But, that is one of the reasons why we video our interactions with our opposition and government officials whenever possible.

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VIDEO: ACF Founder Catches Sanctuary City Cop Lying

I am going to let you in on a little secret that many of you may not want to believe. There are plenty of cops who lie and do shady stuff that they are not supposed to for whatever reason.

I learned this more than a decade ago when I founded the trailblazing anti-illegal immigration group Save Our State. And I got a refresher course on police officer dishonesty last week during the Huntington Park city council meeting.

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VIDEO: Trump Supporters Mercilessly Mock “Aztec Antifa” Clown at City Council Meeting

Southern California anti-illegal immigration hardliners and supporters of President Donald J. Trump are committed to making activism fun again.

And one of the ways we do that is by mercilessly mocking the hysterical Antifa goons that follow us around to all our events to counter protest us. Check out this video of a well-known "Aztec Antifa" goon stumblin' and bumblin' through his public comment as he gets rattled by the Trump supporters who brutally mock him:

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