THAT’S INCREDIBLE! Christian GOP Legislator Caught Cheating; Self-Identifies as Single Mom

I am getting to be an old fart nowadays, but when I was a kid in the glorious 80's we had a show called "That's Incredible!" It featured spectacular feats by daredevils, stunts, and other incredible stories. I loved it.

I mean...who doesn't love hearing amazing tales?

Well, the show may have ended its run in 1984, but the California Republican Party is bringing it back.


Assemblyman Chad Mayes, R-Yucca Valley talks with reporters after being elected to replace Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen, R-Riverbank, as the new Assembly Minority Leader, Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2015, in Sacramento,Calif. Olsen will remain as the Assembly GOP leader through the remainder of the year with Mayes, who is in his first term in the Legislature, taking over when lawmakers return to the Capitol Jan. 4, 2016. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

First, we had transgender individuals self-identifying as members of the opposite sex. Then, we had that dingbat Rachel Dolezal and fraud Shaun King venture off into the transracial nonsense claiming to identify as black Americans even though they weren't.

Now, we have women self-identifying as single moms even though they are married and cheating. Yes...I give you "The Amazing Kristin Olsen."

That's right. We can self-identify marital statuses now. That's incredible!​

She is the current was the Regional Vice-Chairwoman of the California Republican Party. American Children First and a collection of grassroots patriot activists ran her ass out on a rail.

In July we broke the news that she had been having an affair with Assemblyman Chad Mayes (R-Yucca Valley). We then raged a vicious campaign against Mayes and toppled him from leadership in August.

Then we turned our focus towards Olsen, who is currently a member of the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors. Late last month, we worked with fellow activist Arthur Schaper to draft a resolution condemning Olsen's adulterous affair and asked her to resign.

Not surprisingly, Olsen announced her resignation on Sunday and boy was her letter (full text here) a doozy.

We are going to focus on a specific aspect of that letter in this post: her claim to be a single mom and thus the need to spend more time with her family. The Sacramento Bee even fell for that hook, line and sinker in today's article.

Um...she ain't a single mom. I realize that in this crazy world of liberal thought police and political correctness that definitions don't mean anything anymore to many people...but they mean something to me.

Let's go to good old Merriam-Webster.

​Definition of single

1 a :not married
   b :of or relating to celibacy
2 :unaccompanied by others :lone, sole the single survivor of the disaster

​Um...once again...she is married. And we all know she isn't celibate or unaccompanied by others with her having jumped in and out of bed with the aforementioned Mayes and Assemblyman Adam Gray...ahem...allegedly.

This woman is a delusional liar and a complete and utter fraud.​

She is clearly clinging to the "single mom" label to acquire sympathy and bolster her reputation for being a mom juggling her career and home life. And even more disgusting to me is that it really seems to be an attempt to denigrate her husband's contributions as the primary caregiver.

A "single mom" gives the impression to me and I think to many readers that she is somehow dealing with the Monday thru Friday day-to-day rigors of life with kids while her "ex-husband" is just doing the every other weekend deal. Give me a break.

The problem isn't that she is a single mom, now! The problem is that she acted like a single mom while abandoning her family and serving in the legislature.

Here is the truth.

The Olsen family home is about an hour outside of Sacramento. An hour commute or more is routine for many struggling Californian parents struggling to make ends meet. Of course, these poor saps don't have a per diem to cover the cost of the gas tax increases "cap and traitors" like Mayes, Olsen and Assemblyman Marc Steinorth voted for.

Has anyone asked Olsen how often she spent the night in Sacramento during the week instead of commuting home to spend time with her kids, to attend school events, or to simply tuck them in and do mom stuff?

The truth is that Olsen routinely opted to ditch the kids at home with her husband so she could enjoy the social circles of Sacramento. But now her kids matter?​

She said her kids mattered when she left the assembly and said she was going to spend more time with her kids in January 2016. A couple of months later she is running for supervisor. And six months after that she is being appointed to the executive board of the California Republican Party.

In today's article in the Sacramento Bee, Olsen claims that she has been thinking about resigning for months and that our activism had no impact on her decision. She is a liar.

All the GOP insiders know that Chairman Jim Brulte had tapped her to succeed him and that she would have run for the position had we not entered the fray and took her to the woodshed.

She is an absolute con-artist and there are still some of us out here in the real world that are tired of being fed lines of bullshit by people who want to twist definitions and spin political narratives to assuage bruised and embarrassed egos.

When you are married, cheat on your devoted spouse who supported your career and almost single-handedly raises your kids, break up your home, and put your career first until activists snuff the flame out, you don't get to self-identify as a "single mom" opting to put her children first.

That's not how any of this works.​

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