Trump Releases First Sanctuary Cities List

The Trump Administration released its first report on sanctuary cities today. The publication of all the jurisdictions that have refused to detain and hold illegal aliens for 48 hours despite recommendations by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) is in response to the January 25th executive order signed by President Trump.

The list contains information about 206 individual cases in 118 jurisdictions. In each instance, the illegal alien in question was released from jail and allowed to commit another offense against American citizens.


You can see the list here.​

It is important to note that this is not a comprehensive list of sanctuary cities in the United States. Instead, this list only contains information about jurisdictions involving criminal cases between January 28 to February 3.

As such, this list will grow significantly in the future. And we will update accordingly.

American Children First strongly opposes the entire concept of sanctuary cities and believes President Trump and Congress should take immediate steps to deny these jurisdictions federal funding since they are actively aiding and abetting criminal behavior that violates federal law.

If Congress can play hardball with federal transportation funds in the name of safety when it comes to state mandated speed limits and other matters, surely the federal government can play hardball with federal funds to cities, counties, and states that continue to put American lives at risk in the name of turning a blind eye to illegal aliens.

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Joseph Turner

Joseph Turner is the founder and executive director for American Children First. He is a nationalist hardliner on illegal immigration issues and considered one of the foremost visionary and strategic thinkers in the movement. Previously, he founded the California-based anti-illegal immigration group Save Our State in 2004. He also authored the Illegal Immigration Relief Act (IIRA) in 2005 which served as the model blueprint for dozens of other cities, most notably Hazleton (PA) and Farmers Branch (TX). The IIRA is believed to have represented the first ever attempt to use the local initiative process to combat illegal immigration in the United States.

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