Trump Saboteur Paul Ryan Must Resign; Ryancare Last Straw

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has once again sabotaged and undermined the work of President Donald Trump. This time with the horrible Ryancare health reform bill that is supposed to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Ryan led the charge on this effort and the public, along with conservative members of Congress, absolutely hate this horrendous bill.

This isn't a blog post to debate the merits of the bill, but to instead issue a plea to President Trump and other members of Congress. It is time that you call for the resignation of Paul Ryan.


He does not deserve to be the speaker. He is not competent enough to lead, and more importantly, he cannot be trusted to lead.

Instead of advancing conservative principles and pushing the agenda the American voters embraced and supported when they elected Donald Trump, Ryan continues to thwart the will of the people.

Ryan is, and always will be, a never Trump saboteur.

For years, Ryan and the Republicans have promised to repeal and replace Obamacare. They have repeatedly run for re-election on these promises and time and time again, they find some excuse to not get the job done.

Why didn't Ryan and the GOP put forth the same Obamacare repeal bill that was vetoed by the president? Why did they want to ram this crappy bill down the throats of the American people, almost mirroring the Democrat talking points about having to pass the bill before we can see what's in it nonsense?

Paul Ryan cannot be trusted. He must resign from leadership and he needs to do it now.

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Joseph Turner

Joseph Turner is the founder and executive director for American Children First. He is a nationalist hardliner on illegal immigration issues and considered one of the foremost visionary and strategic thinkers in the movement. Previously, he founded the California-based anti-illegal immigration group Save Our State in 2004. He also authored the Illegal Immigration Relief Act (IIRA) in 2005 which served as the model blueprint for dozens of other cities, most notably Hazleton (PA) and Farmers Branch (TX). The IIRA is believed to have represented the first ever attempt to use the local initiative process to combat illegal immigration in the United States.

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Joseph Turner
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