Tulare County Hiding Child Abuse Records, Protecting Assemblyman Devon Mathis

In response to the disastrous "cap and trade" vote back in July, American Children First has sought to punish the Republican "cap and traitors" that sold us out and voted for the largest gas tax in American history.

One such target is Assemblyman Devon Mathis (R-Visalia). Last month, we sent a letter to the Sacramento County District Attorney's Office requesting an investigation into allegations that Mathis had sexually assaulted one of his staffers while she was unconscious.


In addition to these allegations, we have pursued several other leads, including reports that Mathis has physically abused and neglected his biological and step-children.

Last week, we obtained a police report from the Porterville Police Department showing that Mathis left his young autistic child unattended and unsupervised in the front yard for at least 45 minutes. A Good Samaritan found the child walking barefoot onto a freeway on-ramp around 8 PM in May of 2012.

We sent a public information request to the County of Tulare the same day we submitted our request to Porterville PD​. Whereas, Porterville PD sent us a redacted copy of their police report involving Assemblyman Mathis, Tulare County told us to go pound sand claiming that the information we requested was not subject to disclosure.

Here is the request we sent to ​Carrie Monteiro, the public information officer for Tulare County:

Hello Ms. Monteiro:

I am submitting a public information request for any and all documents and records concerning an individual by the name of Devon John Mathis (DOB: 09/21/82). It should be noted that Mathis is currently an elected member of the California legislature representing the 26th Assembly District.

Child Abuse Reports

It has come to our attention that Mathis was possibly the subject of one or more child abuse/neglect reports and/or investigations over the last several years. It is my understanding that Mathis has children with his first wife, Amber, and his second wife, Aubrey. It is my further understanding that Mathis may have contact with Aubrey’s children from a previous relationship.

We have received reports that Mathis has been accused of abusing one or more of his own biological children in addition to a child from Aubrey’s previous relationship.

Are there any records showing any previous contact between Mathis and Tulare County or the Tulare County Protective Services Team? If so, can you please provide the dates of these incidents, the name of the reporting party, and the current status of these incidents, if any?

Thank you.

Apparently, Ms. Monteiro forwarded our request to Tulare County Counsel because this is what we received back (click image below):

​We know that there has been some contact between Assemblyman Mathis and Tulare County.

We have heard rumors that Tulare County District Attorney Tim Ward was very close to filing child abuse charges against Mathis at some point in the not too distant past. However, recent news reports suggest that that wasn't the case according to statements made by representatives from the Tulare County DA's office:

"We did receive a report from law enforcement with Devon Mathis as the named suspect in December of 2015. The case was reviewed by a supervising deputy district attorney who concluded no charges were warranted based on the facts presented in the police report," Assistant District Attorney David Alavezos said in a statement to the Times-Delta. "The decision of the supervising deputy was further reviewed by an assistant district attorney who agreed with the supervisor that the case did not warrant filing."

The police reports were sent to the Attorney General's Office for review. The Attorney General declined to take further action, Alavezos said.

Why is it that Tulare County representatives can talk to a reporter for a local newspaper, but not honor a public information request by a private citizen?

Why is it that Porteville PD can provide American Children First with a redacted police report, but Tulare County opts to stonewall and cover up for Assemblyman Mathis?

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