Turner Receives Threats of Violence from Homophobe via Facebook Messenger

It was only a matter of time that I would receive threats of violence since we know how intolerant and hate-filled many on the left actually are when they are not masquerading around as defenders of tolerance and diversity.

One of the biggest cons running is the idea that leftists value diversity. They don't appreciate diversity. They want drones parroting the same talking points like sheep over and over.


Somebody named Gus Calabrese​ (here is his Facebook page) sent me a message today. It reads:

​Hey motherfucker rscist.. Your innitiative of banning undocumented childrens wont go anywhere piece of shit.. The only gsct that will happen is that you will get your ass beat by cholos and minorities and ended up broke and loser like pig trump

If i see you on the streets i definitely smaxk your ass to the sidewalk

Faggot ass motherfucker (sic)

Time and time again patriots on the right are labeled racists, bigots, threatened with violence...and actually victimized by violent thugs. But the media will lie and portray those of us who want illegal immigration to be stopped as vigilantes and extremists.

If you were me would you contact authorities with respect to this situation? ​

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Joseph Turner

Joseph Turner is the founder and executive director for American Children First. He is a nationalist hardliner on illegal immigration issues and considered one of the foremost visionary and strategic thinkers in the movement. Previously, he founded the California-based anti-illegal immigration group Save Our State in 2004. He also authored the Illegal Immigration Relief Act (IIRA) in 2005 which served as the model blueprint for dozens of other cities, most notably Hazleton (PA) and Farmers Branch (TX). The IIRA is believed to have represented the first ever attempt to use the local initiative process to combat illegal immigration in the United States.

Operation Defund Sanctuary Cities! 


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Joseph Turner
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