VIDEO: Illegal Alien DACA Dreamer Plans to Run for Office

DACA, or the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, is an immigration policy created via executive order by President Barack Obama that allows illegal aliens who claim to have entered this country as a minor to avoid deportation and acquire work permits.


The DACA waivers last for two-years and are renewable. The program was challenged all the way to the Supreme Court, but due to the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia, the court was deadlocked 4-4.

At the May Day Los Angeles march and rally, KNBC Channel 4 News Los Angeles interviewed an illegal alien from Armenia who is currently enrolled in the DACA program. You might be surprised to hear that she has plans to run for political office in the future. Check out the video below:

Promises Made - Promises Broken

​During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump promised repeatedly to immediately rescind DACA. Here is one clip where then candidate Trump says we have no choice but to get rid of DACA:

Today, we are more than 100 days into President Trump's first term in office. And DACA is still on the books even though it only takes a signed memo to rescind this amnesty policy.

Let me be clear, getting rid of DACA does not require an act of Congress.

Hardliners Getting Antsy

Immigration hardliners are growing increasingly agitated by President Trump's failure to rescind this program. Illegal alien children who are successful in crossing the border today are still eligible for this program.

One cannot begin to rehab a home that has been flooded until the source of the water has been turned off or diverted from the property. Although illegal immigration is down about 70 percent since President Trump took office, a truly remarkable accomplishment, that means that our nation is still taking in more illegal aliens than it is deporting and our illegal immigrant population is growing.

Last week,  the Americans for Legal Immigration​ PAC (ALIPAC) led by William Gheen officially pulled their endorsement of President Trump.

“It’s clear that we’ve been betrayed on the issues that gave him his greatest power to defeat his primary opponents and Hillary Clinton, which are the promises to end DACA amnesty and dangerous refugee resettlement programs,” Gheen told Newsweek. “DACA amnesty and the refugee resettlement programs could be ended by Donald Trump with a swipe of his pen,” he said.

Other ​well known names in the illegal immigration movement have also expressed disappointment.

​Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, has given the president a "B" grade instead of an "A" thus far citing "Trump’s refusal to repeal Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, his retreat on funding for the border wall, and a conspicuous lack of workplace enforcement."

​Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, gave the president an "A+" despite criticizing him on DACA and the border wall funding issues.

​Entitlement & Arrogance

​Illegal aliens in America possess an offensively arrogant attitude and noxious sense of entitlement despite their status.

And should we blame them? Probably not.

After all, for decades our elected officials have bent over backwards to accommodate, reward, and cater to illegal aliens and their plight.

Illegal aliens are like the deadbeat family member who has moved in to your home and slowly taken over, made demands, and now feels put out by the people who actually pay the bills, keep the lights turned on, and the fridge stocked.​

President Donald Trump often talks about putting America First. But, you can't put America First, if you are putting American children second.

And make no mistake, DACA puts American children second.​

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