VIDEO: RINO Hunters Catch Chad Mayes Sneaking in the Backdoor of GOP Meeting

Ever since the disastrous cap and trade vote that will raise gas taxes by more than 70 cents a gallon, we have been hunting down the eight RINO Republicans who voted for it.


We managed to get Assemblyman Marc Steinorth to meet with us although it took thirty police officers and a helicopter to do it. But, Assemblyman Chad Mayes was the big get and we had been stymied.

Although he managed to elude us for quite some time by canceling a fundraiser and dodging a county party meeting, we finally captured the Great White RINO as he attempted to sneak into the San Bernardino County Republican Central Committee meeting, AKA the RINO petting zoo.

Yes...we finally got Assemblyman Chad Mayes on the record regarding his vote for cap and trade.

Here is our video where he claims that his vote on cap and trade was a vote to lower taxes and reduce regulations.

The San Bernardino County Central Committee wasn't buying what he was selling. They voted 23-16 on a measure calling upon him to resign his leadership position.

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Joseph Turner

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