VIDEO: Socialist Professor Allegedly Punches 17 Year Old Patriot at “Border Wall Rally”

There is more fallout from this weekend's "Border Wall Rally" previously reported on in which American patriots put a beat down on the left-wing socialists who attempted to disrupt the gathering.


Some American patriots, including the boy's father, are claiming that a socialist, open borders professor punched a 17 year old boy in the face at the contentious event.

Rally organizer Jeff Schwilk, the founder of San Diegans for Secure Borders, sent out an email seeking additional information about the altercation Wednesday afternoon which left the boy with a bloody mouth.

A man resembling Justin Akers Chacon, a Chicano Studies professor at San Diego City College, can be seen on video throwing a punch to the mouth of the teenager wearing a white border wall costume that reads: "Mexico Will Pay!"

The punch instigated a melee. After the man lands the first blow he can be seen cowardly retreating before re-engaging once again to throw cheap shots at a man on the ground engaged with another combatant.

We spoke with the boy's father and he believes with absolute certainty that the man who assaulted his son is Akers Chacon.

The youngster's bloody mouth can be seen in this video where he basks in the glory of "mutual combat."

Note that according to the San Diego City College faculty directory the socialist professor is listed at "Justin Akers." We have been unable to confirm why the listing fails to list "Chacon" in the directory. Perhaps, this confused professor self-identifies as a "Chicano" so that he feels like he will have more credibility when brainwashing his students about the evils of America.

The video below contains two separate news clips combined together. The punch is thrown by a man wearing a blue shirt under a dark colored hoodie at the :08 mark in the first report and the 2:57 mark in the second news report. You can see the attacker’s face more clearly at the :14 mark and from 2:55 to 3:00. He then throws a sucker punch at around the :30 second mark.

Another high resolution video of the fight sequence shot by a company that provides freelance footage to news stations can be viewed at this link. The altercation begins at about the 14:00 mark and you get to see our heroic youngster land some bombs on an open borders goon that he tosses to the ground. Here are some screenshots of the Akers Chacon doppleganger from that footage.

Now take a look at these photos of Akers-Chacon from a Google image search. Do they look like the same person to you?

The first one was taken in 2011 at an "Occupy San Diego" rally and posted on the Los Angeles Indymedia site, a cesspool of leftist anti-Americans of various stripes.

This undated image is from one of his author pages:

We managed to locate a more recent footage of Justin Akers Chacon from around 2016. He appears in this documentary about "class warfare" at around the 47:20 mark. Here is a screen shot:

While we do not have 100 percent confirmation that the man in the video is in fact Akers-Chacon, there are several items that lead us to conclude with near certainty that they are one in the same.

  1. There is a physical resemblance with both appearing to sport dirty, unwashed hair
  2. Akers-Chacon is a radical leftist, a self-proclaimed socialist, and supports open borders. He writes for the International Socialist Organization whose banners were present at this event.
  3. Facebook and Twitter accounts for Akers Chacon were deactivated Wednesday as questions began to circulate about his identity online

Let's be real. Akers Chacon is very active in the San Diego and national socialist movement. He was a featured speaker at the 2017 Socialism Conference in Chicago. And has a history of participating in street-level activism. This isn't a large circle of people.

What are the odds that the guy in the video punching the teenager isn't Justin Akers Chacon?

If the boy and his family press charges we believe that the police department will be forced to investigate the matter and that this will result in learning whether or not this truly is Akers Chacon. Moreover, representatives from San Diego City College need to ask the professor if he is the individual in question and publicly disclose their findings.

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