Washington Post Changes Headline to Cover Up Illegal Aliens Getting Food Stamps

Yesterday, I posted a link to this story in the Washington Post about illegal aliens voluntarily giving up their welfare benefits on the American Children First Facebook page.

When I posted it on our Facebook page, the headline for the article read: ​"Immigrants are now canceling their food stamps for fear that Trump will deport them."

See for yourself in the image below.​


Here is what the headline and article look like today as shared on Facebook?

The Washington Post doesn't want you to know that illegal aliens are living off of government benefits paid for by you...the taxpayer.

Instead, they would rather paint a picture that legal immigrants are starving and afraid that Trump will deport them. Nice work, Washington Post. Well done!​

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Joseph Turner

Joseph Turner is the founder and executive director for American Children First. He is a nationalist hardliner on illegal immigration issues and considered one of the foremost visionary and strategic thinkers in the movement. Previously, he founded the California-based anti-illegal immigration group Save Our State in 2004. He also authored the Illegal Immigration Relief Act (IIRA) in 2005 which served as the model blueprint for dozens of other cities, most notably Hazleton (PA) and Farmers Branch (TX). The IIRA is believed to have represented the first ever attempt to use the local initiative process to combat illegal immigration in the United States.

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